Gotham Chess Guide Part 6: 2000+ | Defensive Masterclass

Hey everyone! This is Part 5 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Today there were a lot of concepts covered, here are all the game links:



  1. 9:15 "folks are GOOD and they are resiliant!…and they give pawns away?… in the endgame when they're…lost?"

  2. After having been asked nicely to leave a comment, I have complied. You are welcome… And thank you.

  3. Your amazing levy! Your insights are treasures for my learning! God bless u

  4. Man I love your videos, you’re my go to guy for chess instruction. Very helpful and I’m climbing slowly but surely. Thanks for doing what you do amigo 👌👍🏼👍🏼🤌

  5. Awesome lessons gained through your games.

  6. In your final game of this video the Queen not being on c8 to safe-guard the Bishop was a blunder; but it helps us learn the opening when you emphasize the correction. Thank-you for this instructive video. I am about the finish watching the playlist!

  7. Levy is just so charismatic. Love watching him.

  8. Kellan James - Real Estate Investing for Cashflow says:

    Loved this series!

  9. 😃😃they were not suspicious it's just you are not a GM😂😂

  10. Watched all six. Great content as always. Like your channel.

  11. My interest in chess is growing into an obsession. Ain’t many healthy addictions 🍻

  12. Hey Levy, the Gotham guide has been amazing content for my family and I to view. We have been focusing on endgame and middlegame principles in our lessons and this content is super helpful! thanks!

  13. That last game is one of the most impressive things I´ve seen you do bro. Win against a 2000+ , down a piece, with the black pieces. Whilst explaining us ( the audience) your thought process. God damn, you are good at chess, and a good teacher.

  14. I can have performance play very high depending on my form,i have palayed over 30 yrs on different known platforms .
    In my best form I have deefeated GM rated 2875 in bullet chess and in my worst lost to 1700 lol
    its not always cheating, shit happens

  15. I don't usually pick caro-kann opening for black but I tried it on 1800 and I won

  16. Another Gotham Guide Series po… 🙂 Hehehe

  17. I cant believe how much stuff the top guys just memorize. Be 20 moves in: "Ahh, when I see this I like to do 1 of these 5 moves."

  18. 30:35 why you don't take dark bishop for free? 1 knight for 2 bishop

  19. Levy, In the Kaspy2000 game. why in the H wouldn't he at least take the rook on a1 with the queen? winning chances tells you that a R for a Q is better than a B for a Q. So i guess you can be a 2k player and not know openings.

  20. Its very helpful and fun to watch.. make more of these 😊

  21. ty i wanna beat si=ome dude name boltavious he smells

  22. Gotham chess is looks like chila murga and takla boss

  23. I am ranked 660.
    And I'm here because my goal is to beat the 2000 AI.

    Already beaten 1500 and 1600 bot

  24. 21:14 why not white Horse on e6 and check to force change horse for queen?

  25. That last game was really impressive. Obviously you blundered a piece, which happens, but then you just calmly outplayed your opponent. I didn't see any obvious blunders by your opponent, it looked like you just found a winning plan. Advancing the queenside pawns, cutting off the white king, and exploiting the imbalance of rook vs two knights. It was really a beautiful game, I wish I could play that well. GG Levy

  26. Dude I watched this video and then went and beat a 2030. I'm also 1700 in 25 minute games

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