Gotham Chess Guide Part 3: 1400+ | Opening Mistakes & Middlegames

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Hey everyone! This is Part 3 in a series called Gotham Guide, where I take on users in blitz games and discuss the range of mistakes and tactical themes. Today there were a lot of concepts covered, here are all the game links:

Game 1 vs. bharatgh18:

Game 2 vs. ultrapippone:

Game 3 vs. Sumsrdi:

Game 4 vs. DmitriyGlukhov:

Game 5 vs. PogO5Head:

Game 6 vs. ilyabim:

Game 7 vs. dzejara:

Game 8 vs. strouchy8:

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  1. Dude where do you find 1400s that are blundering queens while I'm facing 1100s with 95% accuracy

  2. Finally ready for this video…only took 9 months

  3. Lol, it's incredible 👏 I liked the video, but my rating dropped from 1300 to 1150 after watching, wtf? basically that's a bullshit. When you're 2500 of course you will be winning any game vs 1300 no matter how you play😐

  4. 44:30
    honestly this is the kind of disrespect that shouldn't be tolerated. thanks for forcing us knuckleheads to up our game man. stay on that grind.

  5. “gg, sir… not a good game from my opponent”

  6. man, ive learn so much by just watching one of your video… Thanks.
    Lot more to learn !

  7. well… I didn't know that Harry Potter played chess.

  8. How come no one calls this guy ur for using and engine and being a opiete addict

  9. I mean I like the guy I just wonder how he gets away with it

  10. The Botez Gambit … a true work of art.
    A masterpiece by Strouchy8.
    One doesn’t experience till one has performed the Botez Gambit.
    Strouchy8 KNOWS his chess.

  11. Levy, your videos are great but there’s no point on making fun of your opponent if you aren’t going to explain why he made a mistake in his first two moves. Most of us watching aren’t yet at your level so please try to explain your thought process as you go. Still, Gl getting that GM, keep up the good work.

  12. Actually the second game with the sicialian (italian player), his name means "huge incompetent" in a very scurrile lexicon

  13. This series has taught me that the 1000 to 1200 elo players play more solid than the 1400 to 1500 😆

  14. I find that 950-1050 rated players are often so much better than 1500 elo and below because they (and formerly i) are hard stuck and we just get so much experience but still can't win consistently enough to break out of that bracket. I was finally able to break out recently 🙌

  15. your rating is 2400, so that guy's was probably 2000. hate it when strong players show low ratings. my rating is over 1500 but have lost to 1100

  16. you're one of the better players as far as youtubers go, and you do a good job explaining things. good job

  17. Levy when he tries to rank up from 1200-1500:

    Almost NO actual resistance from the opponent
    Opponent makes MAJOR blunders almost every game
    Misses simple tactics
    Gives away free pieces as if thats the goal of the game

    Me when i try to tank up from 1200 – 1300:
    Opponent rarely makes major blunders
    Rarely misses tactics
    Plays tricky openings i havent looked at before
    Basically never gives away free pieces

  18. You could have good content if you actually stop trying to be interesting and stepping that low to insult other players

  19. Who else from 2022 here, or only me? Gather under

  20. Levy the poster on the wall behind u were did u get it????

  21. Really gained a lot from this, being a 1500 strength player myself. It's amazingly helpful to get inside the mind of a 2500 player to see how they are thinking, esp. how they formulate a plan and find weaknesses. Thank you. For those complaining about a condescending attitude, a bit of trash talking is part of any competitive sport, get over it.

  22. I'm really dumb at the game but plz if anyone can explain me at 20:50 what if black captures Bxf3 ??? We are getting atleast 3 pieces for the queen right?

  23. This dude just beating everyones ass in a bathrobe? based.

  24. I just had a game where I got two rooks on the 7th and the guy just resigned hahahaha 😂 thanks for the tips

  25. All the games were just really interesting

  26. First time watching this series in 2022 and it's as dope as how to Win at chess episodes 💯

  27. Watching in 2022, the guy you describe as "the strongest 1400 ever" is now 1715 in blitz and >2000 in bullet.

    And he stopped playing after August 3, 2020. Maybe he hit 2000 bullet and retired?

    On the flip side, he owns the lowest single-game accuracy score I've ever seen, at least in a game over ten moves: 22.1.

  28. Player 2 gets a chance to play against Gotham, and resigns over a lost piece.

  29. Game 1 was very instructive. Guards bishop with d6, uses f6 knight to guard pawn, creates pawn weaknesses, shuts down counterplay. This is exactly what I need.

  30. He could have omitted questions like, "what is he doing?", since he followed up with what was wrong with it anyway. Overall, he is so instructional I don't care if he puts people down.

  31. Two years since starting I am finally ready for this video. Started from 500 now we're here…lol

  32. I swear when i play 1400s they are so much better

  33. Damn the 1436 was an intense game

  34. 'Now my king is not a target, which is better than being a target'
    Writes this down

  35. Why does Levy sound so much happier in this video than in any of his recent videos since he blew up? is it just me?

  36. I've just hit 1400!! only play 3min blitz games 😀 1300-1400 was way harder than levelling up at lower levels but i got there!

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