GENIUS 200 Elo Chess

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  1. Naaaaah 💀 I think he mouse slipped because If a one has a -100 elo will just play queen 8 mate

  2. Actually, Mittens is 1 elo, which is technically lower than 100 elo right?

  3. My combined elo with magnus carlsen is 2953 (im 100 elo)

  4. Don't all games with perfect play end up in a draw? The evidence is in.

  5. And the worst part was…
    That moving the queen 2 spaces higher was mate XD

  6. at least white didnt promote the queen and won the game

  7. The ending was so hilarious, the commentary is perfect.

  8. Someone should edit all the beginning of the video stares into one long compilation

  9. I bet adam unleashed his inner Hikaru and premoved all of that 😮

  10. …and THIS is why we love GothamChess.

  11. If black had move His secend queen to d8 it was checkmate oh man 🥲😭

  12. “A perfect chess game always ends in a draw”

  13. You: *sacrifices the queen*

    Me: c5!!, a5!!, Rxb4!!, Bxb2+!!, O-O!!, Nxb5!! I don't know why are those f***ing brilliant moves.

  14. What was all that GM title about when you are at 200 elo????

  15. Nah the way he said "HE DELIVERES THE FINAL BLOW, QUEEN D6, STALE MATE!" got me laughing so hard 😆😆

  16. Adam thought they were playing Shōgi LOL

  17. If chess is played perfectly, it ends in a draw.

  18. He. Could’ve moved the queen to d8 for checkmate

  19. Bro sacrificed the checkmate for a stalemate

  20. Embrasicolagioscenifer Devezilaruivinseniwusavic says:

    you can really feel the sarcasm leaking out of his voice

  21. Gotham this is not spam I think I saw Hikaru a couple days ago plis everyone like so Gotham reads this Gotham pls answer me. I need to know if it was Hikaru but I will write you in all videos if it’s necessary pls levy

  22. only excuse for playing this bad, you better be a literal child, or mentally handicapped.

  23. i feel like how Levy explains stuff is like a football commentator fr

  24. i watch the final move and question why he didnt move the queen on d1 to g4. thats mate

  25. Bro i love Levi's content and how he explains chess games but pls i need a video explaining his Haircut! I NEED IT!

  26. I love your hype on these videos. You remind me a lot of a sports announcer!

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