Garry Kasparov is a Freaking Genius | Brilliant Chess Traps, Tactics, Moves & Ideas

Garry Kasparov is a Genius – Here are some of the Most Incredible moves from the greatest chess games of Garry Kasparov. These chess tactics, tricks, traps & moves help you in improving your tactical vision & give you some interesting ideas to win more games. We also have a giveaway organised by Chess Universe – just solve the chess puzzle at the end & you could be a winner.

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Games covered:
0:00 Garry Kasparov’s Best Moves – Introduction
0:32 Game #1: Garry Kasparov vs Dmitry Kaiumov
1:11 Game #2: Alexander Beliavsky vs Garry Kasparov
2:40 Game #3: Garry Kasparov vs Edvins Kengis
3:48 Game #4: Garry Kasparov vs Nigel Short
5:04 Game #5: Garry Kasparov vs Viswanathan Anand
5:54 Game #6: Garry Kasparov vs John Fedorowicz
6:49 Game #7: Garry Kasparov vs John van der Wiel
7:37 Chess Universe App Feature
8:40 Chess Puzzle for Giveaway

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  1. White Rook c6, black move Queen, then white Queen g6 checkmate.

  2. In the chess universe, please make a video on tal's wizardry, it will be very interesting to see.

  3. solution of the puzzle:
    Qxh4+ Kxh4(forced move) Rh7+ Kg5(forced) h4#

  4. Qxh4 king captures force and rhen rh7#

  5. in bishy nd Kasparov game…i don't remove my queen when Kasparov go to bh5…im simply knf3(check)…can u catch me😁😁

  6. The best move is Qxh4+ black is forced to capture the queen with king
    Then Rh7+ Black king is forced to go to g5
    Pawn to h4 is a checkmate

  7. Garry Kasparov is genious he is a good chess player. I like your chess videos of Chess Talk and I have subscribed your channel and clicked the bell icon

  8. Puzzle solution Qxh4+ Kxh4 Rh7+ Kg5 h4#

  9. Your subtitles not allowing us to see icons please remove

  10. You are a legend from Sydney 🙂 Thanks for everything you doing for chess.

  11. I chose chess as my life and I went to the city Olympics

  12. Puzzle answer – 1. Q×h4+!! K×h4 2. Rh7 + Kg5 3. h4 #

  13. Chess puzzle ans: Qxh4+, Kxh4, Rh7+, Kg5, h4#

  14. Queen to h4 ,king has to take the queen,rook to h7 , king goes to g5 an then pawn to h4 is a checkmate

  15. H3 is the winning move for white …

  16. Puzzle:

    Hmm i would say,

    Move g2 white pond to g4.
    (Black king cannot move any where , so he can only make a random move )

    Then h7 white queen to h5 is a checkmate.

  17. The giveaway puzzle is a brilliant trap for black after Rc6😂

  18. Qxh4!! Forces Kxh4 after Kxh4 Rh7 Forces Kg5 then h4 finished the game

  19. There are 2 solutions to solve the puzzle given in the end:

    Solution 1) white’s rook moves to c6 square to gain the tempo on the black’s queen.
    Black’s queen has 2 safe square to go d8 or f8. Either square it moves.
    White delivers a crushing checkmate with queen capture g6.

    Solution 2) white’s queen captures black’s bishop on h4 with check.
    Black’s king is forced to capture white’s queen on h4.
    White’s rook on c7 checks the black’s king by moving to h7.
    Black’s king moves back to g5.
    White delivers again a crushing checkmate by moving h2 pawn to h4.

  20. The answer for this puzzle is Qxh4 Kxh4 Rh7 check Kg5 and h4# is the final move

  21. White queen- e6! Take black queen off board with rook, trapping all pieces and advancing white pawn a- a6 force black bishop to resign. (Easy)

  22. Puzzle answer-Qxh4+ kxh4 Rh7+ Kg5 h4#

  23. I find it. First,
    1. Queen h4 and capture the Bishop.And cheek
    the king have no place. So he capture the Queen.
    Now the rook come h7 and cheek.
    The king have one place to live. The king come g5.
    Now the pon come h4 and cheek.And it's cheek mate.😮
    Thank you sir to making awsome puzzles.😊

  24. Puzzle – Qxh4+,Kxh4 ,Rh7+Kg5 and h4#

  25. When garry discovered attacked the queen so vishy could take the rook . The point is that you win 2 rooks for a queen. A queen worths 9 points and 2 rooks worth 10 points because it is a check the king has to take the queen then vishy takes the bishop

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