Games Like This Are Why You Should Never Doubt Alireza

This Is Why You Should Never Doubt Alireza Firouzja, World’s Number One Blitz Player! This is his game against Gregor Oparin in the Chess Kid Cup, a Champions Chess Tour event.

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  1. My reaction to that dad joke was exactly the same as Robert Hess'.

  2. Lots of players play to accumulate points Alireza plays for the win he takes risks entertains the public reminds us the genius of Bobby Fischer and Mikhail Tal!!!!

  3. Ali’s Octopus knight reminded me of Fischer’s 21-move brilliantly against Robert Byrne.

  4. "The Dogalan": definitely have to try that out

  5. Firouja Alireeza is the potential next world champion.

  6. Shoutout to irans chess players

  7. Aleriza is pathetic and drama queen. Look at what he did when he lost the challenges series

  8. Wow what a deadly Octopus 🐙 Knight that’s the first time I’ve seen one

  9. Great Game Appreciating this Love seeing New Content

  10. Yay. Your Alireza vids are back!

  11. I love how Ali Reza complicates the positions and the best moves for his opponents never seem easy! A tactical genius and the reason I originally started watching this channel is because of your coverage of his games. Great stuff mate, your breakdown of games is spot on!

  12. Alireza needs to come back, he doesn't do well taking time off, he needs to be continuously playing.

  13. Hess already rocking one of those Alireza designs.

  14. Great game, great commentary. Carry on the good job mate.

  15. Awesome Analysis!! In Blitz Alireza is Lethal!!

  16. He is really talented, very talented! You noticed it some time ago, when you choose him as favorite of this channel! Good choice!

  17. I would hate to play against Alireza. A pure genius 🙂

  18. I don't normally play the "dogaland" but they always end up looking like a "dog's breakfast "

  19. King blitz alireza 2904 rat .age 19 wow

  20. Goodness.. That initial black bishop tempo play just lingers over white all game long. Creating so many structural problems.

  21. Ali reza games have brought flamboyance to chess.

  22. come on. who would write any of these dudes off.

  23. I missed Alireza and your channel. He is absolutely one of the best.

  24. nice to see Alireza taking a break from his underwear fashion modelling and play some exciting chess

  25. Alireza! There's time in the future to pursue fashion. Right now you need to get back on the road to World Champion and rouse Magnus from his sleep.

  26. Which one is better in chess? Tactical or positional?

  27. Your the King 👑 See you soon mate❤️

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