FREE CHESS STRATEGY LESSON from World Champion Magnus Carlsen!

The Magnus Touch: Free Strategy Lesson is a fascinating journey into the mind of the world’s greatest chess player AND a taster of what’s to come in his upcoming landmark, The Magnus Touch course.
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  1. Madness is one of those guys that knows everything but isn't very good at explaining what he knows because I think he just is so over everybody's heads that he assumes people get what he sang. Then again I'm a complete f**** novice amateur compared to people who've been playing chess their whole life so there's that

  2. All Chinese players play the Slav
    –Magnus Carlsen

  3. This is so much more interesting than watching youtubers discussing engine lines

  4. This video deserves to be in a museum. The game is magisterial and Carlsen’s insights are gold

  5. Magnus carlsen i have under 200 games but i think i can play a game agaisnt you in a 1 hour format. like ez clap

  6. They look like the pilots of an alien spaceship.

  7. Looking 10 moves ahead when there's this many possible changes in the game? Anyone that can do that is as close to a computer as you can get.

  8. No thank you. After last days behaviour I am no longer interested in who was supposed to be a champion.
    For some time of your life you might be a good chess player, but champions behave differently and act as role models.

  9. Why not do A3 and push the knight instead of being captured?

  10. He is really greatest player of all times.

  11. I'm here tryna learn how to play chess without watching Queens Gambit

  12. kf4 instead of kg5 took away the advantage from him

  13. My god he is 20 moves ahead on every corner of the board, I will always be 1200 player

  14. At 18:58 isn't queen to h8 fprced checkmate? Yes it was but i thought it was mate in 3 and turned out i missed an idea but there was one move i missed which led to checkmate in 4 after queen h8.

  15. The Greatest hands down!! Good to be back….

  16. Magnus is the pawn walk and king walk for the ages master. Thanks Agadmator.

  17. Yet to review Agadmator Fischer Repetoire

  18. Been slow going level 6 chess pro. No wins yet.

  19. Sorry lost my connection. Still too aggressive in my knight game I believe.

  20. This is the point. Weakest pawn is attacked. Thank you magness trainer

  21. Kings gambit same goal with a defensive approach. I know Mr. Lee.

  22. Magnus strategy is complicated. That why he always win

  23. I wanna be learn to play chess game…..

  24. Please share how to memorize the positions of the chess pieces

  25. The most terrible Magnus' video. Wonder if this can attract anyone.

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