Franks Brilliant Idea 💡! #chess #gothamchess #frank


  1. Let's give you a hint. The hint is the answer 😊

  2. Back in the day, my teacher would just make me sit there for an hour till i got it.

    Now, its just adhd happy hour for tims

  3. “I’ll give you a hint” and then he basically told him exactly what the move was. 😂

  4. I got it before he said skewer,I was thinking really hard like pausing the vid and thinking!

  5. my brother:When u realize d6 bishop can pin king and queen
    Me:white can just CASTLE
    Brother:oh yeah

  6. maybe rock eats pawn then bishop checkmates?

  7. Me wondering wth the move is taking so long

  8. Bro I noticed it faster than him so proud of myself 😭

  9. I found the roook atacking the queen pin 3 seconds before frank😂

  10. If rook goes to e1, the black pawn will push forward forking the king and rook making a new queen and white queen is forced to take and the queen on e5 takes back and after takes back, its checkmate.

  11. i would take the pawn with the knight ik rook move is more good but knight takes is also good for attacking and defending checkmate

  12. But what about Re1, Pf2, Kxf2, Bc6, Kg3, Nd5 Checkmate for black

  13. What if I sac the bishop then take the pawn with the queen then checkmate

  14. What if black moved the bishop to c5 after rook e9?

  15. if the rock on f1 gose to e1 i would move the bishop on d6 to c5 and then move the bishop to e3

  16. Rook be like : it time to die queen 😂

  17. Αναστάσης Καρτσώλης says:

    But queen b2 is mate

  18. Am i the only one who cant stand this kid. He's borderline insufferable

  19. Move queen to d3 then move it to du checkmate

  20. Ya but after this cant black just give a check with the black bishop and then block it on the next move?

  21. Thats a bad love actually bc if enemy he checks with bishup c5 and then block the rook with bishup e3 gives black a slighty better position.Levi messed up a lil

  22. Gotham is wrong, that does not win material. Bishop to c5 checks the king, king has to escape to h1, pawn takes g2 and check again, from there on black is just winning.

  23. But wouldn't it be stopped by bishob c5 king h1 and bishob e3

  24. Frank is not good at this game and he is overreacting

  25. Guys do I only see the pawn that can fork the king and rook? Cuz if he moves pawn and the king takes he can a bishop attacking queen queen will be trapped so he will have to take and then u take the rook with the queen?

  26. Dude if rook pins the queen, white he's mated i.e pawn f2 check, king takes f2, bishop c5 check ,king f3 only move, knight d4 check, king back to f2 only move, knight e2 discovered check mate……..horrible advice from Levy, to pin the queen

  27. I saw Knight from e2 to knight to f3 taking pawn and threatening the queen.

  28. He can block with the dark square bishop after the check

  29. Rook e1, Pawn f2 (check), King takes pawn, bishop c5 (check), King f1, bishop e3, prevents the pin. Now, the King is exposed to a check, which can get the queen out from the pin.

  30. I feel like frank's next video got a line something of..

  31. Pin is a piece infront of the king being unable to move and a skewer is when the king is infront of a piece and you check the king to get the piece behind the king

  32. Honestly I would sacrifice the bishop

  33. But you don’t know. I definitely know 😂😂

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