Floating Chess from Wood and Epoxy Resin with LED


In this video we show how to make a Chess from Wood and Epoxy Resin with a floating effect and light. This chess is completely handcrafted with a minimum set of tools in the color mahogany. Wood burning. DIY.
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  1. anyone else notice the king and queen placement was wrong? XD

  2. Здорово, великолепно, молодец!!!!

  3. في الدقيقه 16:25 هنالك اشياء بسيطه اذا لم ننتبه إليها نفقد الكثير من جمال الأشياء التي نصنعها، للمثال:
    انظر إلى لوحة الشطرنج التي فيها مربعات بيضاء .
    كان بإمكان المصنع ان يجعل ( الأقواس التي في كل خشبه والتي تمثل دمار الخشبه ) انرتب بشكل دائري جميعها . فيغدو نسق الشكل رائعا .

  4. Why u put queen on wrong square. OCD triggered XD

  5. Gotta upgrade those pieces! The board is nice though! 👍🏻

  6. Летом также сделаю спасибо за ролик

  7. Resin and colour leds, nothing more 2200s

  8. Amazing design idea and fantastic work.
    But, you obviously aren't a chess player yourself. In your front pic the board is sideways… and when you set up at the end of the video the kings and queens are reversed. "White on the right and queen on her color."

  9. You set up the board wrong the queen is supposed to be on its own color

  10. Friggin beautiful. Really. . . . . .(I'd prefer no lights)

  11. i never seen someone firing wood lol

  12. i like Georgia but i've only been there once says:

    gamer board

  13. Where did you get those specific pieces because I’m building my own chess board

  14. 20:30 aaaaaand you put the black pieces on whites side. White Queen always sits on white, left to the king. 🙂

  15. My favorite part is how it’s not floating and doesn’t even look like it is.

  16. Am I the only one who hears a minecraft chicken in the background song?

  17. For someone who doesn't play chess, you made a very nice chess board.

  18. bro its amazing but UGH you put the pieces on the wrong squares. so its amazing but also so duh..

    BTW the Q always goes on a square of her own color, and also the right corner squares are always white, this means you do have the board orientated correctly but you have the queen and kings reversed as to what squares they are supposed to be on.

    Otherwise amazing job.

  19. Is that cardboard you're make the board onto?

  20. At this point I am not sure if these crafters are dumb to set up a chess board or they just do this because they want comments.

  21. Super bello questo lavoro maestro ❣️😇 grazie mille per l'aiuto ad imparare ❣️🥰🙏

  22. I’m wondering what you glued the wood squares to? Looks like you used hot glue to plywood and then poured your epoxy. How did you get the board free from the plywood surface??

  23. this thing will be a mess in 2 years. you didnt seal the crappy home depot wood, moisture and air will escape and distort the piece. also never cut wood from the top down. you have a sliding miter saw, use it correctly from front to back ,sliding…..not chopping.


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