Floating Chess from Oak and Epoxy Resin with LED

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In this video we show how to make a Chess from Oak and Epoxy Resin with a floating effect and light. This chess is completely handcrafted .Chessboard made from oak and epoxy with pearl and green pigment with pine cones added and LED. Chess pieces are also made from epoxy. DIY.

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  1. 😲😲😲😲😲 I want that😥😥😅

  2. Shit wth you made? How much does it cost

  3. Everytime he sanded the board and it became kinda white I was like "trust the process"

  4. Same words as @MarcosIIFerreira. It’s just amazing. No words to describe this masterpiece. Thanks a lot

  5. AZZ……………… SEHER SCHON

  6. I'm using this video as a guide to make my twin 16 year olds a custom chess set for Christmas. Hope they'll cherish it. Brilliant video. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hola..Cual es el precio de este ajedrez…lo envías a Colombia?

  8. It looks nice but I can't even see my pieces when I play white.

  9. Jesus!!! How much do you want for it_ Congratulations it is really beautiful

  10. Wow, how I wanted one of these, too bad I don't have the money, I'm just starting out in chess, I discovered my new passion lol.Bro, this is really cool, congratulations for that 🙂

  11. Hello, sir, I am sending you a message from Iran, I have sent you a message several times, but you did not answer, please, can you tell me the ingredients you used, the amount of the mixture.

  12. Hello, please translate into Farsi, I am sending you a message from Iran, the color of some of the materials you used is green, it is red, does it have a special composition? Please answer, thank you.

  13. Sublime !!!!!!!!!!!!¨¨ J'adore , mais quel travail !!! Merci pour le partage ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Est ce que vous vendez ?

  14. My only gripe is that the grain of each tile don’t line ip 😢

  15. i think it might look more uniform with all the grain going the same way.. just me maybe..

  16. Wow, that is a beautiful chess board. Well thought out design and perfect execution. I imagine a chess board like that would be very expensive to buy. Would be really cool to learn how to make my own some day.

  17. Комментарий в поддержку канала и ролика, а также труда мастера по деревообработке.

  18. At this point, i would'nt find tactics in the game because of the board and just admire it.

  19. When I first saw you bring the pine cones, I was like, what???

    But good damn that was a great decision

  20. imagine playing chess at night and it suddenly turns bloody red

  21. THIS IS AMAZING! Congratulations, beautiful art

  22. question, in the video you are seen only putting one strip of led up, but in the finish product its shown that the board is one color and the rim another color. how is this possible?

  23. simplesmente incrivel, seria um sonho ter um desses

  24. I’m a millionaire how much you selling these for I’ll buy one today

  25. I’m not sure if I understand how he got two different LED colors at the same time? Was it just how the epoxy reflected the light when it was pink/or light green?

  26. Where can I get one that is a great piece of art and I love playing chess

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