Fishing Pole Chess Trap – Concepts and Alternate Variations

The fishing pole trap is extremely dangerous and you need to know how to handle it!

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  1. I tried the fishing pole trap today while playing the caro khan and it worked! You can take these concepts such as the fishing pole trap and use it in other openings. Same goes for the damiano trap and the legal trap too, it doesn't matter. It's not as easy with black since white is a move ahead, but if they play a slow move, bam! You take advantage of it right away and punish them

  2. you're a good chess educator. I've been critical of your trophy, but it doesn't effect that

  3. haha waiting for a video on rooks and queens now…and maybe even the king! πŸ˜‚

  4. Any suggestions on great books for intermediate players?

  5. Can’t wait to lose a bunch of games trying this out!

  6. Thanks Nelson! Accessible and concise as always!

  7. Never stop making videos, you're too good at this!

  8. The fishing pole trap is what originally got me hooked on chess. πŸ™‚

  9. I try these traps but get nothing but old shoes and car number plates
    Btw 6:06– β€œWhite has the problem of..arrrhh their just getting mated” . Lmao just sounds soo funny.

  10. can you make a video about what openings should i teach first and what next? i think that will help a lot of lower ranged players to be better. have a nice day πŸ˜€

  11. Please do something on square theory- key squares and the principals behind those concepts . I think a lot of viewers would be interested.
    Keep up the great content and get in contact with Levy or Eric Rosen even Chessbrahs and do a collab. I think you will find it will propel the channel to even further heights .

  12. 2:29 they can also scape by moving the rook instead of the β™ŸοΈ don't they?

  13. I never knew how to take advantage of that h3/h6 pawn push. Maybe I'll get a chance to use it in my game. Will let you guys know.

  14. I often hear chess players say "winning". Does that just mean being in an advantageous position? If so, what do players call "mate in #"?

  15. Lovely video, nice trap – will go try it out on an old unsuspecting 8-bit Fidelity chess computer! 🀣

  16. Lovely video, nice trap – will go try it out on an old unsuspecting 8-bit Fidelity chess computer! 🀣

  17. Lovely video, nice trap – will go try it out on an old unsuspecting 8-bit Fidelity chess computer! 🀣

  18. Lovely video, nice trap – will go try it out on an old unsuspecting 8-bit Fidelity chess computer!

  19. Lovely video, nice trap – will go try it out on an old unsuspecting 8-bit Fidelity chess computer! 🀣

  20. Thanks Nelson! I have seen other videos on the fishing pole trap but never heard such a clear explanation as in your video. I never understood how to assess the risk from either side based upon the Queen's access to the h file. Much appreciated!

  21. This trap is what I did to break 1300 on Most players on that level fall in that trap. Upon reaching 1400, it no longer helped me to advance so I stopped using it. I then tried a different opening, the center game Hall Variation, not on the list of top openings but I like its simplicity. Now at 1600, it's not working anymore. Guess I need to learn another opening.

  22. Rated 900-1000 this has happened to me so many times So glad to actually see it

  23. Is it ever a good option to sacrifice a bishop or knight. The lower level attacking pieces. To open up a defensive pawn wall ? lose value, gain territory. The balance of importance swings sometimes. If you could do a strategy video, that would be great.

  24. White can escape checkmate if he goes knight h2 queen h4 then rook e1 queen takes knight king f1 queen check king e2 is an escape but his position is completely ruined. Is this viable?

  25. Plz do a video on the Traxler counter-attack

  26. I remember playing this with other openings like four knights and blundering the knight, but the opponent still moves his knight and I checkmate him the same way.

  27. I missed the moment when Nelson said "capture" instead of "take" in older video about this topic LOL

  28. Almost there to 100k please make how we make good strategy i m 1600 rated player

  29. another short instructional vid – these are my favorites. Thank you Nelson Lopez !

  30. Once the knight blocks on g5 doesn’t f6 trap it?

  31. Thanks for another great video! 🧑Very clear explanation. Am blown away.
    I would like to ask if it is possible to set the Fishing Pole trap with reversed colors i.e. White traps Black with Ng5 -> …h6 -> h4. Could you give an example where this is feasible? The engine doesn't seem to like White's Ng5.

  32. Thanks for answering my questions, Nelson! Very good breakdown on when the Fishing Pole works and when it doesn’t work, which is exactly what I was struggling to figure out.

  33. If you are going to talk about simple things that can go wrong here at least mention that if the other knight can move to f1 via d2 that white can take on g4, and that black has to be careful with long castle because white might take on g4 with check. im pretty sure there is another major mistake that ive seen alot of people make in this opening as black, but i dont remember wich.

  34. The thumbnail of this vid helped me make my own fishing pole trap thumbnail:)

  35. So given the choice to bait your fishing pole with a knight or Bishop to open up the h file, they can arise out of the Spanish opening Berlin variation or a6 morphy variation. which version is higher probability? Which variation has a higher success rate for this trap to work? Baiting on g4 with N or B?

  36. I teach coach to beginners and I always refer to you for study material. So good!

  37. d4 exd4, hxg4 hxg4, Ng5 f6. Things get really tricky there

  38. You should probably mention that Bf4 after Qh4 is a thing in some positions

  39. I used the fishing pole trap concept after castling queen side as black against a white kingside castle. I used two rooks instead and it worked marvelously to disrupt his game. He lost shortly thereafter.

  40. I tried rhis trap on a 1000 elo engine and it really worked

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