FIDE WORLD CUP FINAL: Magnus v Pragg | Who’ll Win the Toughest Chess Tournament & $110k | Tiebreaks

World chess no. 1 Magnus Carlsen fights 18-year-old Indian star Praggnanandhaa for his first ever FIDE World Cup title, while Fabiano Caruana and Nijat Abasov play for 3rd place. Watch the games:

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  1. FYI***Magnus Carlsen! ls the Genius'Greatest of all Chess Grand*Master of them all💓🤳💯 percent 😲💞💘 lDOL💖👍 more'over,stay'humble as'u'r🙏

  2. Maybe best avent chess to your now so good luck.

  3. commentators moving pieces DURING the gameplay is just bad. Leave the pieces where they are and draw arrows or lines or X and O but stop with the moving them. I have to watch the actual board to make sure it wasn't a real move.

  4. 1:20:27 Prag should have moved his bish to d1 threatening king with both rook and bish, pawn could not take THEN move other rook in line with first rook…. what could black do?

  5. Magnus goat chess
    Messi goat footbal.
    Kobe goat basket ball
    Ronaldo goat pinaltie

  6. Terrible broadcast screen setup where you are forced to see the commentators commenting on computer play ideas, often with no view at all of the live board or the live overhead camera. Absolutely hate it. I didn't come to hear Naroditsky and Leko with Magnus vs Prag in the background !!

  7. Bravo Magnus,its selfbelief and knowing chess from all aspects,opening,middle and especialy your favorite powerful end game,which has no comparison…you promote chess best way possible,deserved world cup winner…and what a championship that was,..its a thing of beauty to watch you play…keep it strong,keep it going and enjoy in chess,which you love and promote and gives you so much joy to continue playing and give us all and all chess community so much happiness and joy to watch…god bless you,congratulation champ and take a rest a little and please continue to amaze us all,and promote chess with your beautiful playing…god bless you,stay healthy,stay hungry and continue to ameze us all,please Magnus,the greatest…you singlhandedly bring chess to another level and popularity…bravo maestro of chess.❤🎉.congrats to special GM Magnus Carlsen..🎉

  8. Magnus bhai k aage koi bol skta hai kya,….. ayeeee,,, magnus bhai :heart:

  9. Good day! Warm greetings from the city of Santa Monica, CA, USA!

  10. A GM title is so much better than an MD or a PhD.💯

  11. So many rich people in the world and only 110 000 dollars?! Shame 🙂

  12. Pragg is good but Carlsen has everything to win this. Love from Zim

  13. Spoiled for me by the rabbiting presenters.

  14. I was listening to the interview at the end while not understanding anything lol.

  15. THANK YOU!!!!! CHESS24 Good job to all the people !!! hard work and dedication , for the love of the masterful game of chess

  16. I think y’all talking too much

  17. 24:35 தமிழ் – ( தமிழர் )❤❤ 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  18. Even if you mute the commentators the mess the board up with arrows colors not worth watching talk to much wow

  19. trace all the pawns both sides before each move.hail the lord!

  20. The first pragnan attack magnus,,, but last time happy ending for magnus


  22. Unfortunately Praggs end game is not strong enough but he is still young so he can still develop a strong foundation on end games

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