FIDE WORLD CUP FINAL: Magnus v Pragg | Who’ll Win the Toughest Chess Tournament & $110k | Tiebreaks

World chess no. 1 Magnus Carlsen fights 18-year-old Indian star Praggnanandhaa for his first ever FIDE World Cup title, while Fabiano Caruana and Nijat Abasov play for 3rd place. Watch the games:

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  1. there's IM, there's GM, there's Magnus Carlsen

  2. Pragna is not done yet. Once this guy turn 20s or something. He will be unstoppable. He will completely develop his mind. Anyways.. congrats the GOAT Magnus

  3. In future ,whether prag can surpass vishy ?

  4. Can anyone explain me please why did the last game of prag got draw? He had things in the game.. what rule am I missing?
    Beginner player asking to expert spectators

  5. Caruana saying he is excited about playing the next generation is one reason why Fabi will remain near the top. A true competitor.

  6. Why Pragg gave up on the 2nd game?
    They looked equal on the pieces… I don't get it 😢

  7. Gracious of Magnus to give credit to thr great team of Daniel and Peter. They enhance the experience.

  8. Really good interview with Magnus Carlsen at the end, showing a great state of mind !

  9. What a wonderful tournament it was !!! Possibly, Chess at its innovative best in recent times… Nice treat for simple chess fans like me !!!👍✌👌

  10. Is making eye contact when shaking hands at the start against the rules of chess for Magnus?

  11. Praggnanandhaa has beaten Magnus Carlsen many times before. When he was 17, First in February 2022 at the Airthings Masters – an online rapid chess tournament. He thus became the youngest to beat Carlsen since he became world champion in 2013. The second time was at the Chessable Masters online rapid chess tournament on May 20.

  12. Speed chess is the future. Giving plenty of time for the players to make the best possible moves in every position is undoubtedly the best way to find who’s the best at chess. But.. For the players and the viewers it’s simply too much time. Larger brackets quicker matches will make chess exciting. Quicker games larger brackets means more players more action more upsets more viewers more sponsors more money and larger payouts.

  13. Two Goats . One is younger although. Pragg is doing great. But magnus is love.

  14. Man, a lot of experienced youngsters and players nowadays, the level of talent in the current and last decade is outstanding, but they got the worst luck LMAO to play in the same era as Magnus Carlsen.

  15. Great commentary and organization; so sad the the best view and close up of the Live game with the players was obstructed by terrible placement of the graphics (ie at 9:00) over the playing board?!!

  16. mag is a goat…chat going all pragg pragg xD

  17. Mr. Pragyananda may you grow up a little more 😄 then play with Magnusclasson 😄😄😄😄😄 😏

  18. San Raasathy (சாந்திகா / Santhika) says:

    Gratulerer Magnus 🏆 👏

  19. I wish the match without commentary they really disturbed me

  20. Who was the woman next to Magnus and Pragg and why was she there? I've never seen the arbiters so close to the board like this!

  21. A few more years and prags game will be more solid and matured. He will be a force to be reckoned with on the chessboard.

  22. At 2:04:15 why did Magnus extend his hand to shake Prag’s hand right after Prag made his move. Shouldn’t Prag have extended his hand, to offer the resignation?

  23. When u know that pragg has defeated magnus 5 times 🇮🇳

  24. Praggnanandhaa: He came up fast and will fall fast.

  25. Thank you Daniel and Peter. I learned a lot from you guys ❤. I followed the championship from the beginning and enjoyed a lot your comments and insights. Thanks 👍

  26. it was an easy win once Magnus wasn't ill – what game was you watching,,,,,, at no point in the whole match was Magnus threatened, not one moment..

  27. As usual, an absolute privilege to be able to watch Magnus doing his thing. It's almost spiritual, if one were silly enough to believe in such things. But Magnus is so remarkable, he pushes me in that direction.

  28. সিফাত্উল্লাহ্ 'আফিফ says:


  29. Congratulations to the champion Magnus and bro prag you did great!! keep going!

  30. Pragg doesn't belong in the same room as Magnus.

  31. The GOATS of every sport alway win the world championship equivalent to their sport!
    Be it Jordan, Magnus, Messi, Ali etc etc etc

    It's just what you do!

  32. Why magnus is the goat
    1) played the world cup while suffering from food poisoning .
    2) final opponent child prodigy pragg just like jiraya and Naruto.
    3) he didn't give up.

  33. Aw, Péter clearly still wanted to say something there at the end, but Danya didn't realise it :/
    I think this was a fantastic event to watch. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the chess24 coverage and immense congratulations and respect to the winner.

    Hearing the story behind Péter's samurai sword was a great moment. Always appreciate it when seeing such openness among commentators and athletes.

  34. So many predeterminations you cant enjoy the match!!!!

  35. It would be awesome to have an equal size Live Board without the live play by play being done. Id like to see what the players are seeing, not so much what you have to draw on the board.

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