Every ‘Star Wars’ Film Has the WRONG TITLE | CSG #Shorts | #StarWars #LEGO #LEGOStarWars

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  1. Bro shut up so many people have said what your saying

  2. Episode 1 Phantom menace actually has the right bame because plagueues being the reason for events to be caused, and isn't on screen ever and killed off screen in during the film

  3. Who let bro cook because al those do make sense it is just bad

  4. “They hated him because he spoke the truth”

  5. I was about to give a paragraph on why each movie actually has their particular title but then I started laughing instead.

  6. Yoooooo they made more Star Wars movies after episode 6???

  7. That is just messed up enough, that it works…

  8. You know I'm ngl I like this 😂 I know why the movies were named the way they were but I feel this also works

  9. Don’t u know what the phantom menace means? Lol u want it to be name a on the nose name of “the rise of skywalker” that is the worst name for a Star Wars movie and it’s quadrupled cause it’s Disney spit shine verified

  10. Viewers: man YouTube stuff is boring

    LEGO Star Wars: Hello There!!!!

  11. Episode two we still didn’t know he was leader of the with so that one doesn’t make sense

  12. What about Star Wars. Does that have an incorrect title too

  13. Wait.. ep two was attack of the clones.. the creation of the clones. We never knew they were going to be used to destroy the Jedi. That info you explained abt ep 2 is wrong I’m pretty sure

  14. Technically Shouldn't Episode 9 Be Revenge Of The Sith?

  15. And thats why starwars fan dont name the movies

  16. They all have meening you don't understand

  17. Even though it's a bit ridiculous, it makes sense.

  18. Bro you literally just took a small part of each movie and named it for example in the third one more happens than order 66. It is called revenge of the sith because the sith get back at the republic by turning animal to the dark side and by revealing there plot to end the republic and take over the galaxy

  19. luke died so that he will never see rey again

  20. I have better titles for part 7 to 9. 7: the biggest piece of dogshit. 8: the biggest piece of dogshit. 9: the biggest piece of dogshit. Feel free to change the Order of the titels for this 3 movies too.

  21. It’s actually hilarious, I probably would change the titles 😖

  22. Idk what that was but it was smart and Lucasfilm should hire you as you have already done a better job than Kathleen Kennedy

  23. If you dive a little deeper you will see why there named what they are

  24. “The Phantom Menace” 😂😂😂😂
    Well Palpatine sure was a menace and eluded death (somehow) to the point you might think him a phantom.
    Bloody brilliant joke.

  25. The last Jedi is wrong cus grogu would be alive

  26. Just imagine how much more they would've made ehhh ?

  27. So this whole time the titles were FNAF timeline based???

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