Emory Tate’s Last Ever Chess Game…

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  1. The reason I never took up chess. My adhd……

  2. 8:36 the opponent could just fork the queen by checking lol

  3. I’ve been playing chess for 38yrs and I’ve never heard of Emory Tate. He is no legend.

  4. Emory Tate is a Legend! God Bless his Soul 🙏🏾

  5. 2:41 so funny how he throws himself in there as one of the greatest of all time

  6. You’re funny bro. You British guys naturally funny lol, entertaining content with personality keep it up

  7. Wow Emory was incredibly talented! wonder what his children are doing….

  8. Hi i wanted to know where can u find his game? thx u bro

  9. i dont rlly engage with chess videos but i love watching ur vids!

  10. I still wonder what Emory Tate's final move was before he died so the last move he played before he got up to go to the toilet and suffered a heart attack

  11. Its loss tovthe game that we dont know about him until his son talk about him

  12. Chess nerds know him as the chess player legend, True men know him as a legend, Period

  13. looking at your channel you sure do make interesting videos talking about different famous people but since this video is a lie and this is not his last game i have reported for misleading

  14. This guy is the council estate version of Daniel Naroditsky lol

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