EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. Finally something in line with my ideology of "always sacrifacing the Queen" ❤

  2. Sad thing they always do the fried liver attack but they also know the best move when they encounter it.

  3. Instructions unclear “blunders queen”

  4. Why ur glasses where off when u said NO BORING! Do you become smart for chess when you wear glasses? 🤓

  5. Or do a 4 move checkmate if your opponent is stupid enough >:)

  6. ive tried it 5 times but they never moved their pon to d6

  7. Me trying to understand why black play pawn D6😂😂

  8. Traps just for script.
    I bet to hang until midgame comes.
    Fair match and equal equal. Just don't blunder

  9. i played with bots they never play e5😢

  10. then why you've wasted your one move to h3 attacking the bishop that's also a checkmate in less 1 than 8 moves

  11. Yet loses his most competitive matches and can’t become GM. And he consider himself genius

  12. “Do you wanna play chess?”
    “NO. BORING”
    “Well here is how you can win in 8 moves”

    his opinion was forever changed in that moment and he then went on to become a top 10 chess player. he has slowly been losing his rank and has gained depression after going back to rank 18. but after some therapy and a lot of motivation from gotham chess videos, he is slowly rising back up, and has made it to the top 5. he has slowly been getting better and better and will probably soon take rank 4.

  13. There's an easier way to do this. Don't attack the bishop, just do knight takes e5

  14. And yeah but what are the odds that this exact scenario will happen

  15. Me: and now he is forced to trade his queen! And then its check after 53 moves!
    Him: moves a random pawn:
    The pawn, me, the queen: da fuq?

  16. I actually used this trap against my enemy. Will upload it tomorrow on my channel.😅

  17. Gotham chess, can you explain why the king can't just attack the bishop even though it is hanging?

  18. "Now your opponent plays d6."


  19. What if black knight takes white knight then after queen takes bishop black knight can win the white bishop

  20. why do we even need to develop the h pawn ??

  21. What if they dont blunder the pawn to D6 😐 It’s all over!!

  22. Can't u get a similar position when playing the Vienna?

  23. Thanks, now can you teach us the illégal trap?

  24. What if instead of taking the queen with the bishop, black plays Nxe5? White would play Qxh5 and black would respond with Nxc4? Wouldn't that ruin the whole setup and be a winning position for black?

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