EASY Chess Trap!

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  1. knight eat knight
    knight eat bishop
    free 1

  2. Bro our opponent don't play your opponent's bad third move😢

  3. Now it’s time to learn illégal trap

  4. Yeah, this would never work against me because I would never move my bishop up there in the first place. I don’t like having to retreat and I don’t like pointless trades.😅

  5. Black when the piece if he take uses the knight (Nxe5) instead (exd5) (Qxh5-Nxc4)

  6. I am dissapointed by him not saying, BY SACRIFICING THE QUEEEEENNNN

  7. – You wanna play some chess?

  8. If black knight takes white knight then queen takes bishop and knight takes bishop , ithink the white loses a piece

  9. Plot twist :they never play h4 😂

  10. Nahhh after nc6 you play bishop b5 evrybody knows that right gotham

  11. And even if the knight is taken here, Black has lost the central pawn

  12. The problem is remembering the first 8 moves

  13. Please cut the extra shit and just show the move

  14. And now after I learned this everyone doing Pc5 at first move

  15. instead of black takes queen. Knight takes Knight and after queen takes Bishop. Knight takes Bishop. piece up black wins

  16. This guy was at first really entertaining now his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me

  17. How is it has anything to do with it still being boring?

  18. that move ain’t legal. hahahaha, get it, légal, legal… whatever…

  19. Why play h3 when we can play Kex5 and try trap because in 90% they will take Q

  20. It’s so hard to memorize these moves 😭

  21. NOTE!
    If instead they take back with the knight, and you take the bishop with your queen, they can take YOUR bishop.
    You need Qb5+ which wins back the knight.

  22. If Black takes the night you take the bishop and then the Black takes your other bishop 🙄

  23. So you just HOPE they don't see your exposed queen?

  24. This may not work because he is playing with a bot, not asmart friend

  25. After ne5??ne5 advantage for black⚫ trap for 100 elo

  26. When the opponent plays a different move. Wait wait wait restart that’s not part of the video

  27. For beginner,they love the 4-step checkmate💀

  28. And white sacrifised the gameeeeeeeeeeeeee

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