Draws | How to Play Chess

What are the different ways you can have a draw in chess? Learn all about them in our latest chess lesson!

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  1. how is the first scenario in stalemate not check mate?

  2. 1: By Stalemate
    2: By Agreement
    3: By Repetition
    4: By Fifty-move Rule
    5: By Insufficient Material

  3. I had an Idea! "1. e4 Nf6 2. Qg6 h5 3. f4 Nxe4" should be a Gambit/Opening

  4. I just started playing chess and i had a opponent bot,,i had two knights left and he take my pawn near the king with his rook and i took the rook,which forced a draw
    Can someone explain

  5. First time playing chess online it was like a six minute game and the game drawed

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