DOMINATE with Black: Opening Tier List

These are the best openings for black for beginner to intermediate chess players. It features well known openings like the Sicilian Defense, the Caro-Kann, the Scandinavian Defense, the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit, the King’s Indian, the Pirc Defense, the Stafford Gambit and many others.


  1. Me waiting for the reversed potato

  2. "You can literally the King's Indian against literally ANYTHING you imagine."
    loses to the Fried Liver
    I'm sorry if someone made a joke about this, cause I know for a fact atleast one person, but also not sorry.

  3. Congrats on your channel! I can still remember the ig poll whether you should do one or not, glad it worked out! 🙂

  4. how you dare saying this about Scandinavian

  5. Do the scotch game haxo gambit in a Dominate with white openings video

  6. Your videos are of great help.
    Please make a video on how to play endgame.

  7. but what about Italian Game?
    "That's my faforite opening though…"

  8. I looked up the O'Neill Gambit and found nothing in terms of its history or origins. I did find a lichess study of it where white resigned after a fairly "normal" game until the endgame, but I couldn't really see what the gambit itself had to do with anything other than maybe getting the variable of the bishop's development cleared out early. Absolutely enigmatic opening and I desperately want to know more. If anyone has any idea of where this came from or why it's a formal named opening please tell me.

  9. An aside: St. George Defense is actually a theoretical opening that some GMs are quite interested in exploring. It even has won a game from Anatoly Karpov before. But unless your elo is 2500 you probably shouldn't play it.

  10. Sicilian should be at legendary tier

  11. i bloody hate you the bird's opening is invincible

  12. We need white opening tier list!! And tbh, I don’t remember I every look at a chess video for so many times and purely for fun

  13. pirc defence is so unknown and so good so its a double win

  14. "Scandinavian is not easy, Sicilian is easy"
    If you compare the sizes of theory for Sicilian defence and Scandi to the sizes of countries, Sicilian would be British Empire and Scandi would be Ireland
    It takes literally 12 seconds to learn all Scandinavian theory

  15. How did bro leave out the legendary bongcloud?

  16. Make a video on french defense pls its very interesting sirrrr

  17. Can't wait for your next videob

  18. In scandinavian I usally atack the pawn after dx4 with the knight to play the modern way

  19. Me when my opponent doesnt play d4 when i play karo kann 😭

  20. Can you do a kings Indian against d4 like you did with carrots kann opening

  21. What about Borg defense, it’s classified as worst but that’s for those who don’t know how to win with it.

  22. I’m at a low level and the first opening I learned was a Scandinavian and I know how to play it quite well

  23. Grunfeld is strong, its almost a guaranteed draw with black at gm level. Which is what most gms play for with black

  24. nahhh you didnt just forget to include the alekhine defence did you…

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