Does Playing Chess make you Super Intelligent? | #ChessOlympiad | #vishwanathananand #rashwin

It’s Chess Time. Lads, how many of you are following the iconic #chessolympiad2022 – the chess equivalent of a ‘World Cup’, this is happening for the first time in India in Chennai. Definitely a great moment for all of us, no?

Since chess is the topic of buzz, we thought why not share a few excerpts from this ‘DRS with Ash’ conversation last year, where we got the legendary, Vishy Anand sir, to have chat with our man, Ashwin. Can you guys predict the combined IQ level of this interview? 😂

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  1. When he forgot the question, Ashwin would get answer for his question 😂

  2. Sir I am not expecting the answer for this question. Little confused

  3. Not at all . Chesj is just a game all chess players are not brilliant

  4. It seems not smart response or not answer at all.

  5. Aswin dude : இதுக்கு அது விடையில்லையே ! 😂😂😂

  6. Yow anga yena kenaraa vetitu irukainga seekirama solluyaa

  7. question : how to mate the opponent's king in 7 answer : reti was a proponent of hypermodernism while Phillidor adovacted for the centre control with the pawns

  8. Did he miss the answer or the question itself?

  9. Only chess IQ will improve if you are keep playing it regularly 😂

  10. Both the Legends studied in the same school, Don Bosco Egmore, chennai

  11. V Anand : which opening should I use against this question?

  12. I really expect these type of questions regarding chess from Ashwin because his character and attitude is more like the question…😂😂😂

  13. 2 Legends in a frame, framing eachothr in Q & A

  14. Vishy just premoved the answers of Ashwins next 5 questions

  15. Neenga next level anand sir!
    As a Dr if I'm permitted to talk, i would say HARD WORK IN ONE'S PASSION leads to greatness!
    Anand sir Mr.Amazing 🔆

  16. rendu perum tamil thaana tamilaye pesalam

  17. ஏன்டா உங்க ரெண்டு பேருக்கும் தமிழ் தெரியாது ❓️❓️❓️

  18. His answer has the answer about iq he got.

  19. Beyond a point, If you are good at chess it means you are a good chess player. That's all Nothing else.

  20. Vishy didn't answer to the actual question.
    This shows that,
    " chess is just a sport,
    somebody becomes specialist."

  21. May be my IQ is not good enough or don't know to read between lines. I got the question but not the answer

  22. How many of them agree Sachin and Viswanathan voice is similar

  23. One thing is sure If you are good at something then you are definately bad at something else

  24. Here is the answer 😂 he showed that chess does not improve your IQ and may be decrease it

  25. In chess, the more you play and learn different moves, and openings, middle game and end game, the better you get. Also you must have situational awareness. In a way its similar to cricket.

  26. All I can say is, if you are better at chess, you would be better as a leg sinner. Don't believe? Ask Yuzi 😁

  27. Full interview link pls…As a Chess cum Cricket player it will be interesting to listen from Our Chennai legends …

  28. I'm a very strong and pro player in football, cricket and chess!!!❤👍😎🔥

  29. If u play chess then u will always think about probable moves of ur opponent. This is a very important skill.

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