Does Playing Chess make you Super Intelligent? | #ChessOlympiad | #vishwanathananand #rashwin

It’s Chess Time. Lads, how many of you are following the iconic #chessolympiad2022 – the chess equivalent of a ‘World Cup’, this is happening for the first time in India in Chennai. Definitely a great moment for all of us, no?

Since chess is the topic of buzz, we thought why not share a few excerpts from this ‘DRS with Ash’ conversation last year, where we got the legendary, Vishy Anand sir, to have chat with our man, Ashwin. Can you guys predict the combined IQ level of this interview? 😂

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  1. I think you need no intelligence to play the game, a certain amount of intelligence to be good at it, a genius to be a grandmaster, the more you play the more sharper your mind gets, and like any game you can keep trying and get better at it.

  2. The point here is it's not that only intelligent people play chess however we can assess the basic intelligence through the play with piece movements.

  3. Now we can know the iq of chess players 😂

  4. விஸ்வநாதன் ஆனந்த் தமிழ்நாடு தான 🤔

  5. Intelligence is about making connections. Imagine the scenario :
    Try changing the roles of chess pieces (rooks should move in L shape, queen can move only one square at a time, bishop can move only straight and all other pieces also switch their roles as opposed to general chess rules). Can you assure that a chess grandmaster could win the game when they play with a normal guy who also given the new rules just now, The chances are 50/50.
    Intelligent people may play chess, chess wont make you intelligent and playing more chess games just helps you get skilled at it.They become so good that they wont even need to think when making a move( its called a flow state ) and this is analogous to driving a car and its self explanatory!

  6. Puriyadhavangaluku avar solradhu adhula western karangs summa soluradhu naan vandhu epdi ennoda match epdi improve pannanu dha pape

  7. If u guys noticed well u can get that Anand answered for present Q and also answered what questions will be asked ,,,

  8. What is the point of this clip? Edit kooda sariya panna thaeriyadha?

  9. Rendu perukum தமிழ் theriyathu pola

  10. He belongs to a community that strongly believes karma etc,… but he over looked and achieved we have to understand lot of things from this reply

  11. Well indians are basically god at maths some can have ramanujans like genes.

  12. He didn’t answer the question itself reflects the answers..

  13. இரண்டு சாதனை தமிழர்கள் பேசிக் கொள்ளும் போது அது முழுக்க முழுக்க தமிழில் இருந்தால் இன்னும் நமக்கு பெருமையாக இருந்து இருக்கும்

  14. Did he answer the question?
    The way he placed his webcam talks a lot about his iq

  15. Andha 2 sec Mandai kulla enna odirukkum??? 😀😀😀

  16. They practice "thinking" in chess. They actually do better in other areas where criticial thinking, creativity, innovation is involved. Like maths,science projects, solving problems Etc. Case closed.

  17. There should be A chess tournament between Ash, Yuzi and Mr. Anand. It would be Worth every penny.

  18. Bhai mujhe ek chiz pata hai jo chess khelta hai uska permutation & combination and probability bahut badhiya hota hai

  19. People name their babies on famous celebrities…. but Astranoughts named a planet with his name…

  20. Yov ivaruki vayase agaamatidhu😂…chrlla kutties both are cute with brain 🧠,another wid fitness

  21. Being good at chess simply means that you are good at playing chess, nothing else. The positive you can take is that you love to think, you love to strategise and you can think about your opponent's move! There can be a huge chance that you love Mathematics or Logical Reasoning stuffs but it's not always the case! I know many people who play amazing chess but aren't so good at other skills and vice versa. Intelligent itself is a very wide term! Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, MSD everyone I mentioned is a Genius, but in their own sports! Ashwin himself is a very intelligent guy. His presence of mind is really admirable. Messi, Ronaldo, etc are a genius in their own terms. Shakespeare, RabindraNath Tagore are a genius if you talk about literature. Any skill requires thinking and it's just a norm that chess players are super intelligent. You can call them great thinkers but intelligent is a very subjective term. If it were true every scientist would have beaten every chess player or maybe every chess player was a scientist! I'm not a genius so maybe I'm not in a perfect spot to answer this question but I know many of my friends being amazing coders(Telling you, it's as good as chess when you consider the thinking ability) but they don't like chess at all!

  22. Magnus Carlsen has 190 Iq that's what I heard ☠️☠️

  23. Chess does improve analytical skills and make you recognise patterns in real life. Specially in human behavior for me. But to answer this question, Chess is like every other sport. To become better at it, you gotta practice. Make the board familiar. Make the moves, very familiar. Recognise board patters. Thats how you become good at it.

  24. தயவுசெய்து தமிழில் பேசுங்கள்…

  25. That's not correct. In every sport, to excel, you require good IQ. Usyk has highest boxing IQ, as an example. Chess is just another sport, nothing else, it signifies strategic intelligence and not any other spectrum of IQ. And if someone has good IQ, its better to use that for some work that would actually cause some change to this world, instead of using all that in a game. Chess isn't necessary for survival or prosperity. And if someone says that chess players have highest IQ, that means that chess players are more intelligent than the top scientists, researchers, etc…, which isn't the case at all.

  26. He moved twenty steps ahead and answered Ash's probable question coming 😂

  27. intelligence is not IQ .both r different .Intelligence is heart based not mind based.

  28. You should watch the game between Oppenheimer and Einstein. Their IQ were around 170 but elo rating was 1500.

  29. Ayyarval Unga tholla thanga mudile da……. Yella idathulaiyum ninga mattume irukinga yenga thiramaiku Inga mathupu illa……. Engaluve pavam lam ungale summa vidathu da

  30. To be honest the amount is nothing since there is a huge investment in coaching and travel cost involved also don't forget the share of government of 30% in form of Tax😢😊……

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