Ding Liren Just Shocked The Chess World

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  1. Is it possible magnus will play the next fide world championship?

  2. Russian was crying someones steal my viagra😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Damn Ima tell this story to my kids someday how some guy named ding became the legendary chess champion 👍

  4. Magnus wondering if he should show up next year

  5. Bro why is the beginning in reverse😂😂😂

  6. "the new fide world champion the first new champion in decade"

  7. I hope USA is not going to sanction Chinese players to participate in Chess tomorrow. Or having some red neck calling Chinese people a cheat or something by BBC and CNN.

  8. Bro The two pawns Can still be Taken The bishop Is guarding the one about To promote and the Queen Is guarding the one in the side

  9. "Remember son, There will always be an asian better than you"

  10. Ian looks like magnus while ding looks like hikaru

  11. There is always one asian that is better than you

  12. Meanwhile magnus is busy busting the botezes. Fair trade off

  13. Chess is such a waste of brain power ..like you can never beat a Computer AI ..so whats the point ?

  14. Well, what a nice game, and now we can say magnus. Carlsen is no longer the world champion for the first time in a decade

  15. magnus bouta steal that title next year

  16. "There is always an asian better than you" taken to another level

  17. Ding, legend in china.
    Please don't mention politics.

  18. I wonder if this is the start of a new Communist chess machine.

  19. Magnus still the dad not defending the title was a genius move lol now none can beat him on the board

  20. "Carlsen watching this at home eating popcorn"💀

  21. No matter how good you are at something, there's always an Asian  better than you.

  22. Ding had to win or the Chinese government would chop off his head.

  23. Magnus is the champ till somebody beats em idc

  24. It's my dream to defeat him, if possible Mam/Sir???

  25. It's my dream to defeat him in the WCC, if possible Mam/Sir???

  26. “Self Pinning for Immortality”
    -Magnus Carlsen.

    From one Legend to another.

  27. I just started following chess .. My question is how many fide world Cup is there ?? Recently carles magnus won fide world Cup too?
    Is it divided by classical rapid blitz??

  28. I thought magnus was champ of fide 2023, what is this ????

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