Did Caruana punish Pragg’s opening mistake? | World Cup 2023 Semi-finals | Commentary by Sagar

Playing with the white pieces at the absolute top level, you generally want to put pressure on your opponent. White pieces gives you a chance to press. However, something quite unusual happened in the game between Praggnanandhaa and Fabiano Caruana. This was their second classical game at the FIDE World Cup 2023 Semi-finals. The first one had ended in a draw. Pragg had the white pieces and everyone expected him to try for an opening advantage. But after just 15 moves, he was in big trouble! What happened? And did Pragg manage to wriggle out of the mess? Check out the game along with the commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  2. I think caruana is better with time so next match will be quite difficult for pragg to win

  3. I thought magnus is my current favorite GM but I have fallen deep in love with Pragg. Bro you surely reign.

  4. Look at the cameraman smiling when Magnus offers a handshake to no one😂

  5. Indian commentator don't know the difference between construction and structure.

  6. Player yawns.Sagar exclaims that 😂magician at work.

  7. Prag game is really inspiring people around the world, I am big fan of him

  8. Hope Prag goes to the finals eager to see prag vs magnus

  9. Meanwhile Magnus is pretending to play with himself since he’s so bored 😂.

  10. Fabi: I'm gonna punish you for your opening mistake.
    Pragg's mum + slippers: That's my job Mr Fabi Wasabi.

  11. Sagar's commentary on today's game is as thrilling as yesterday's Women's FIFA World Cup Final.

  12. I am bit confuse regarding time… Is there was any time limit? How after time 0sec moved to 30 minutes?

  13. Prag very inventive player in threathening positions !

  14. Hey guys I'm new to chess, a bit confused seeing them write down things during the game. May I know what is that for?

  15. caruana play f5 endgame but nb3 is good move

  16. Your r so distrubing while chase game..so plz don't move your thought game in real chase board we are can't enjoy game

  17. Proof that you could become a global sensation like Magnus but the awkward introvert in you never dies. 😅😅

  18. Fun fact : The commentator never reached the semi finals 😂😂😂😂 but he is speaking in such way that he is world's no.1 😂

  19. Pragnananda was praying initially! May sanathan Dharm be his guiding path!

  20. How many of u are currently playing chess like hell these days

  21. Yeh bich bich me kaha jake ate h ye dono? 🤔 chai-sutta marne jate kya 🚬 🤣

  22. If the jackass commentator knows what’s the better move and not a good move, why doesn’t he himself play and win a world championship.
    This would have been much better to view without that running commentary.

  23. Caruana have left their golden move and they had the chance to win this game

  24. @chessbase India

    See my comments for winning the move for caruana

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