Concepts + Examples of Discovered and Double Checks – Full Chess Lesson

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  1. Nelson, I love how clear and complete your explanations are. You truly are a great teacher. I just picked up your strategic thinking 1000-1500 course last weekend and am working through it, learning so much. Thank you for all the great and clear instruction you provide.

  2. I solved the last one myself.
    that's very satisfactory

  3. I've played chess for a while and I'm pretty familiar with all the ideas in this video. But for some reason I couldn't solve the hardest puzzle at the beginning of the video, but I solved it easily at the end! Guess you're just a great teacher!

  4. 06:24 Very nice collection. In this position the Knight on c4 is useless. Same checkmate will occur.

  5. I solved all puzzles right but I don't have so cool and brutal positions in my games. And it is sad…

  6. I seen the Knight to G3 bit, checking the king, then the pawn taking the Knight. Then just give up on it.

    Failed to notice it opened up the file like that, checking the king like that with the Queen, awesome that is.

  7. I liked the videos format, you should make similar ones

  8. Altmış dokuzuncu beğeniyi bırakmışımdır: Neden otuz bir değil?

  9. 15:21.

    Same one as before, like it mate, awesome.

    Knight to e2, then knight to g3, forcing pawn to take it, then opening up file for Queen to checkmate king

  10. That last one is so awesome. I love your videos mate.

    And yes failed to get that one

  11. Does anyone know why white always wins?

  12. I’m 1500 and I love how you explain concepts. A lot of the explanations seem like you’re targeting for the 800-1200 range, but you explain things so clearly that it helps reinforce understanding even for intermediate players

  13. That weird checkmate pattern with the queen and bishop is Greco's mate! The best pattern.

  14. "Discovered check is the dive bomber of the chessboard"

  15. Past a certain ELO it will be impossible to get even a single useful discovery check, let alone a double check 🙂

  16. Is it best to simply try to move your pieces away from potential attacks by discovered checks/double checks just to prevent that even if there is no immediate danger? Feels like a type of problem best to avoid and not risk forgetting it…

  17. The best type of check is the check mate, mate.

  18. 11:37 I used to call that "a vertical backrank" once translated from french, but it's real name is the Greco's mate.

  19. I am assuming the answer for the first puzzle would be 1.Ra1+,Rxa1 2.Qg4+,Kb1, 3.Nd2+,Kc1, 4.Nb3+,Kb1 5.Qc1+,Ka2 6.Ra8+ and you capture the pieces that come in the way and it’s mate.

    If 4.Ka2, (from white) we can play Ra8 which is quite similar to an anastasias mate (hopefully I got the name right).

    And obviously if 2.Kd1, we have 3.Qd2# (Hope my answer is right, I didn’t watch the video.)

  20. Semi-pro chess player: Double check, Magnus. Checkmate!
    Magnus (aims gun at his own head): Well, that's it then.
    Opponent: WTF Magnus? Nooooo

  21. I think a semi-simple way to think about Discovered Checks is essentially doing a Fork with two pieces.

  22. Love this video format with a theme. I felt so accomplished watching and learning. This one earns the sub!

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