Concepts + Examples of Discovered and Double Checks – Full Chess Lesson

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  1. At 15:28 could you play knight f3. – knight h2. Queen h4? Aint that qheckmate?

  2. This channel has come on leaps and bounds. Nice one. Congratulations on a superb channel

  3. Great video! Hadn't even seen some of these patterns.

  4. Your videos are the most helpful, informative, and easy to follow that I've come across.

    Thank you.

    Just when I thought I had smothered mate down you reminded me of the concept again. Looking forward to sacrificing my queen.

    Also very helpful how you drove home that double checks are more powerful than say attacking the queen and potentially losing your own queen.
    Very helpful. Thanks 👍

  5. The one at around 17 minutes, I calculated queen sac, rook takes, rook takes, Kf8, Ng6+, ke8 and then I was like well there is no mate there. Edit there is one, but I didn't find it. From the starting position there is a M21

  6. Thanks for being my new favorite chess channel. All the other channels are entertaining, but I feel like I’ve learned something every time I watch yours.

  7. At 16:45 I saw qe6. It looks like there should be some move that saves black but I dont see anything. Does anyone know why my move is wrong?

  8. What a wonderful video, a fantastic build up from simple patterns to complex situations.

  9. 15:00
    I think it would have been worth noting happens if after Be2 instead of Kh1 white plays Bg6
    (stop reading for a moment if you want to figure that out yourself)

    It's fairly simple, you just get back to roughly the same position Rg6 check, Kh1 is forced, Bf3 mate.

  10. It's great knowing that a double check means the king must move. So then you just look at the squares around the king.

  11. Great schematics of teaching, mild voice, absolute nailing it on the purpose of these videos. Good job, man!

  12. I solved all puzzle 🧩 easily but last puzzle take me into 10 minutes

  13. 1:34 Be6 would be good too because you couldnt block with anything.

  14. U know I Found All of them Except the Bishop where you were also confused….

  15. I am a Intermediate at chess and you helped me, Thank You soooo much for helping me 😊😊😊

  16. Thanks so much for your videos. I’m about 1200 and you’ve been my primary teacher!

    Question: for the hardest position in this video, what rank of player would you expect to find the right play every time?

  17. Easy peasy I have seen most of them in some puzzles and games

  18. (Last Puzzle) I Was Stuck On Qg5 Until You Told Us It Wasn’t And I Found The Mate

  19. Super fun!! My son and I are having a blast working these out together. Love your way of exploring all the variations.

  20. 11.37 This mating pattern 's name is the h file mate

  21. 17:32 (not serious) You missed a double check tactic by promoting to a knight.

  22. Hey man, love your videos! I wanted to ask about puzzle at 16:46, what if white plays queen to e6? If black moves their king, they just lose the rook, and if they bring the other rook over to attack the queen, then rook takes g7 check? Black cant take with the king because its protected by pawn, and cant take with the rook because its pinned, and then its just checkmate in 1 or 2 moves based on where they move their king?

  23. 1:36 might be wrong cause I’m a 900 player but can’t u slide ur rook over to block with a deflection and after white rook takes you have Kd7 for a fork on the rook and bishop?

  24. 15:10
    Ngl the only reason I got the puzzle correct was because I thought free bishop

  25. 14:44 I had thought about Ba6 as well. I'm thinking like a master, but not finding the best move. 😎 This does win a bishop, though.

    20:14 "Mix up the order of the moves" … That's a useful chess technique/problem solving technique, too. (Maybe there's a video about it in the future? Hint, hint?)

  26. @Nelson – You are just an amazing teacher. My 7 year old is a huge fan of you and he keeps watching your video and learns a lot. Your approach to a problem, you give a few seconds for the viewers to think and your crisp explanation after is simply incredible. You play a very important role in my son's interest and learnings in chess. Hello and luv from my son!!!

  27. Thank, thank you for this video! Obviously, I've watched a lot of chess tutorials (and read a myriad of books on chess tactics, etc) over the years…and this was the most informative. Nelson, it has changed my game! These moves? And, concepts (from this video) is why I started to play chess in the first place. Some books and tutorials, kind of mention these tactics as an afterthought…but to me…when you play like this? It makes the game: Art

  28. Couldn't see Ra1+ at the start of the video, saw it in the end. Probably that's because of that pattern where you sac the knight to checkmate the king on the edge of the board.

  29. im not sure if someone said this, but i thought back file checkmate

  30. Love your videos mate. Really nice flow and great advice. You’re a really great teacher and sound like a really down to earth stand up guy. Respect.

  31. Speaking of the spread-sheet…there is a school of thought that insists one learn the endgame FIRST. What are your thoughts on that?

  32. Fun FACT XD: I did this to my friend while I didn’t know about this cool trick

  33. Wonderful! 
    I learned the smothered mate using my Saitek "Kasparov Turbo King" board computer. It boasted a rating of 2250, although it was probably more like 1450. This was around 1990 when they did everything they could to make you believe that you bought a really strong computer, even though you didn't really. But in a game I got this position where I was trailing materially, but found a draw through repetition. I checked the evaluation and was surprised to see the number 99! So apparently I was winning without even knowing it. I just took my time to look at the position, and I found the smothered mate which I've never forgotten!

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