Chess trap that every beginner should know2! @beginnerchessclub #shorts #chess #catur #chesscom

Chess trap that every beginner should know2! By @beginnerchessclub, tiktok :()
#shorts #chess #catur #chesscom #fyp #viral #chesschamp


  1. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  2. My friends are so stupid that they will checkmate me somehow if I I try this

  3. yy every beginner should know 100 moves for one play that could go 10 different ways

  4. I’m brand new to chess and every video I watch is in one ear and out the other😂

  5. Is it just me or no one will play this weird for black? So many things wrong with this moves… And if pattern won't work, black ends up winning the center, attacking kings side pawn and etc…

  6. ngl i was thinking at the end u would say and now you surrender cause you lost like a idiot but then there is a checkmate so wp but lets be honest in all your days,weeks,months, YEARS how many times does this happen XD

  7. I prefer backrank mate with short castles

  8. What if he just takes my knight on E5 because it's unprotected?

  9. When you attack the knight with the bishop he can just cap your knight with his knight and shut the whole thing down. 🙄

  10. Why would you assume gender of the opponent WTF!


  11. Every beginner's going to remember about 10 percent of that

  12. Good vid and a cool trick. I’m gonna show my friends this(2000 elo)

  13. If he see that hole then u fked up and gg

  14. Given the opponent plays it as here, if he doesn't it doesn't work…

  15. Couldn't think of sacrificing a queen like that. Bravo.

  16. If I was black, and I see the bishop knight combo or the queen knight combo in the scholars mate. I will prio not getting mated or checked over getting a free queen.

    I can get the queen later in the game. I would have taken the bishop with the pon.

  17. Even Magnus Carlson is thinking "dude, this is risky."

  18. You know what's shit about shorts? That I can't save this and I'll forget it before I've learnt it.

  19. Thing is, other player is literally brain dead and just blunders anyways 😭💀

  20. As a beginner i would take the knight with my king to save my queen.

  21. Mate, tell me why they would move their king instead of taking the bishop

  22. I just want to know who showed a gajillion people how to play Wayward Queen…

  23. In the 3rd step he is not forced to go left, he can go right and also attack bishop. He will try to be near centre, no way he's going to left

  24. Good luck getting someone to sacrifice a knight for a pawn in the first place.

  25. Thanks for sharing this trap, I never heard of the Ponziani but I'm learning it for sure

  26. Ah yes! This shit only works when you are playing your self!

  27. Couldn’t the black king capture the light colored bishop

  28. How do I block someone on YouTube this is disgusting

  29. Sure. Because that looks very beginner. Not to mention the opponent doing one move differently.

  30. It’s all good and dandy until he just straight up takes your bishop with his king. No longer keeping him in check and your down a queen.

  31. Beginner matchmaking opponents won’t make accurate logical moves like this

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