Chess Stream #72 Fresh Ideas in the Stonewall Dutch

In this stream I take a look at an interesting idea in the main line Stonewall Dutch. A variation where Black punts his a-pawn up the board! An idea used by me some 20 years ago, and by Magnus quite recently.
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Please bear in mind this was taken from a live stream when watching.

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  1. Mister GingerGMI would like to ask you how black should play in dutch stonewall with the london system 1.d4 e6 2.Nf3 f5 3.Bf4 Nf6. White's plan Rg1, h3 and g4 seems dangerous. Very thankful.

  2. what about taking knight with bishop instead of pushing a5? the idea is after pawn takes e5, Ng4 chasing the pawn. If f4 there is always a fork on Ne3

  3. Great stream Simon, despite your mate interrupting every 2 seconds

  4. Fantastic Simon! You incorporated such a fantastic strategy and now years later, though you may not receive the commendation, you were no doubt instrumental in helping to bring such a beautiful concept to light, inspiring many further renditions and improvements to the limitless potential in the constantly broadening world of chess. That deserves a drink, and so we shall drink til our hearts content. Yea verily and furthermore I now retire to rest my brain for the moment. Alas Into the abyss of the mind we traverse unending paths and tournaments, unto an untold future expanding the horizon beyond all recognition. The gainsayers are confounded; tis truth and shan't be denied. "Forward to victory", a shout of triumph by the king atop the summit while the trumpets ring throughout the valley. The king of Gingers has conquered and is the grandmaster of all Gingers. "Long live the Ginger_GM", cries Charlie, the king's right hand man. "For he shall teach us this wizardry of chess and tactical warfare". And having said thus, I digress; for we shall attack at dawn. Cheers mate. Take an even strain, look well to your going, and have peaceful dreams of crushing all your opponents sir. -Jocephas

  5. Great content as usual, Simon. How can we contact you to feature you in our next music video?

  6. 20:10 'perhaps you found other pleasures in life other than playing fantastic chess'…lol he's so rude. He's quite fun though, i generally appreciated his contribution. QxN what a kapow move… I have to admit I didn't spot it, would have played the lame Qh4, really an inspirational move.

  7. Great video! Regarding Carlsen's dutch, his former chess teacher, Simen Agdestein, used to play dutch in his days. However, Agdestein's idea was to bring out the bad white bishop to a6 or b7, so Carlsen must have gotten the inspiration elsewhere.

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  9. That guy was WAY too chatty. It was as if Simon was his guest! Yikes~

  10. Making my own opening and yes it's awful. Call it the "ButterFace" defense.
    This is the sort of opening that may seem to be an attractive choice at least at first. But inevitably you regret it by the time that the middle game begins.

  11. Well I know you done a lot of work on the classical and did a double tuition on the lenegrad, nice to see a stone wall. Keep it up. Also maybe be do some stuff on other classical lines line in your first book like the alechine Dutch or classical lines with bb4.

  12. First glitch at 40 seconds – a new record!

  13. Simon, will you be doing a dee vee dee on the Dutch Stonewall?

  14. Excellent. But maybe you should have introduced Blair Connell a bit better.

  15. nice vid. gonna try it, as I play dutch all the time (DutchDisaster is my id) not that im any good.

  16. I enjoy your videos, and have so for a long time. You're a great player and chess persona is a large reason I have watched for so long. I have to say I am very disappointed in the mocking you, and especially your guest, have directed at the Brexit event. Shame on both of you for being such fools.

  17. Great content! I've heard the mantra "every pawn move creates a weakness, but now I'm inspired to slow down from bullet and blitz to play some slower games and relish the position.

  18. Nice video, Simon. I didn't know that Magnus also played the Dutch Stonewall. I've recently added the Dutch to my repertoire to play against 1. c4, in order to prevent the Maroczy Bind, but I haven't gotten to try it out yet. I plan to play the Dutch Stonewall in some variations (like 1. c4 f5 2. d4) and the Anglo-Dutch with 4. b6, 5. Bb7 and 6. Be7 against the English Opening. Does that sound like a good system for me (a 1900 player) to use against 1800-2200 players?

  19. 11:45 why not a4 now that black knight is on d7 and can't jump to the b4 square anymore?

  20. Why shouldn't white take the a4 pawn? Obviously you shouldnt because Anand didn't but what is the theory behind it? Is the sacrifice simply to weaken white's position if they do accept?

  21. Good games. Too much talking. More chess less bla, bla, bla

  22. I enjoyed the game demos. Thanks. But you turned a 15 min vid into 30 mins with all the meaningless commentary. It became hard to follow the thread.

  23. His mates accent is so strong!! Lol. I am Canadian and can barely understand poor Blair!! 🙂 lol great free content, Simon! Thank you

  24. QC7 and E3 in those move orders are inaccurate.

  25. Jeez that guy is annoying AF… dude STFU ! Otherwise this would be a good video.

  26. Can you do a video on how to crush the stonewall as black

  27. This two-man format is extremely annoying. It disrupts the listener thought process and very very unnecessary.

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