CHESS STEPS #2 (600-1000)

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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 2.

0:00 Intro
0:45 Game 1 vs 617
14:45 Game 2 vs 769
28:31 Game 3 vs 854
46:14 Game 4 vs 986
1:01:40 Game 5 vs 995

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  1. I know this is a year-long video but 41:56 I believe he missed a pin queen to d6 pinning the king and rook but he didin't see it only until later but before that the queen started protecting it possibly after seeing that pin that he missed

  2. its just great content, stop asking me to buy 🙂 on the verge tho you ain't wrong

  3. 44:23 Levy, u could play Rh2 instead of pushing the pawn by playing f3. Rook h2 is check, and mate. But probably u saw it. Or not.

  4. Does anyone understand why the pawn move on the last game delayed the castling? It did not pose any threat beside being in enemy teritory 1:04:58

  5. and they will just end up mating !! is a great bed say and also a great chess say somehow?

  6. Woo! I'm finally 600! I can officially watch this video without being a poser!

  7. Outstanding video. The entire things was incredibly instructive. Really glad you are putting these out.

  8. Thank you for your content, i hit 1200 elo during this video

  9. Has he ever done subscriber matches where he is just a brutal try hard regardless of elo? Would be interesting, i know there can often be little learned from those matches so the way gotham does it is appreciated. Might be interesting just in a “what would a master do against low elo if they didnt pull punches” kind of way. What type of knowledge checks would you use ext.

  10. Bro 1 year later and this is just so good thank you

  11. I felt so good after see the high level moves at 700 rating

  12. tgj mate! checkmate ♥

  13. Can i Feel happy by just hiting 606 elo for the first time?

  14. 1. Watched this video
    2. Got confidence to get to 400
    3. Lost 5 games
    4. Rewatching the video

    Ps – I'm dumb

  15. 26:27
    I could be wrong but wouldnt moving the bishop to g5winning the rook be better than taking the bishop

  16. i followed your advice and took my rook out… turned out we can't do that in public.

  17. 56:04 it' s Zugzwang (the g is not slient) u almost nailed it 🙂

  18. Notes;
    Fried liver attack counter
    Pawn End game – its all about who runs out of moves first and the next move made is a disadvantageous move

  19. yeah? well i dont know openings and im 1200! ive only lost 60 percent of my games!

  20. 9:48 why is it bad to move the rook there ? is it because then i can take the pawn on c3 ?

  21. Glad I found this. I lost 5 times in a row today to fried liver at 800… 😅

  22. This was definitely a very good and benefical video

  23. As someone who is around a 1000 rating I think it’s funny how I found most of the moves that he said “I don’t think I 1,000 finds that move” on but I would miss other ones that he felt were pretty basic 😅

  24. When i was around 300, my friend (unknown elo) did the Tennyson Gambit: ICBM variation on me, most terrifying thing i've experienced

  25. The thumbnail looks like you're making a 9/11 meme.

  26. I recently started playing chess after many years. You make learning the game fun. Thank you Levy!

  27. 30:13

    Its crazy how good he gets it. I played the exact same move as his before watching this. I lost the game but damn.

  28. this guys is 2700 but barely beating 700s…. i dont get it

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