Chess Rating Climb:1200-1400 | Chess Strategy, Ideas, Concepts for Beginner and Intermediate Players

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About this video:
This is a rating climb series (or speedrun) where I play games against players from different rating levels, starting at 600 and working all the way up to 2200. In this video I play players in the 1200 to 1400 range. I try to focus on the thought process behind the moves I’m making. You will learn all sorts of chess strategies, chess tactics, chess ideas, and chess concepts. I talk about how to think during a chess game and what the thought process should be. Beginner and intermediate chess players will benefit most from these free chess lessons.


  1. What about black rook to e8 after black knight moved to d6 and chased off white rook to a7 around 39:50?

  2. What I learned from this video is that you have to castle before move 40.

  3. Great video . Very instructive . Was thinking a good thing is going thru the game again but from his perspective and how he could of really put difficult questions you. You already do that here n there but every move and at and considering really challenging moves. That would be really enlightening and instructive

    Keep up the good work. Your channel will grow in time.

  4. This is very helpful! Please repeat and continue this series… Thank You!

  5. I think it would be cool if you streamed and did analysis of lower rated games and intermediate games (Not higher rated games, 2000+)

  6. Are you streaming on twitch? Like your instructional videos.

  7. How does this not have more views? Really excellent content. Thank you!

  8. Why did he give uo his queen in the first game??

  9. I would love to see you do a video on uncovered attacks. You are a great teacher.

  10. Spamming best channel best channel best channel. Coz I won 8 times in a row after watching some of ur videos!!

  11. After Nh4 Nxf5 Nxg6 you're threatening to take the rook so after pawn takes, you take their knight with your pawn. Not ideal but doesn't lose a piece. Not sure if Ne3 would do anything

  12. Instead of Rdg8, was Nh5 a candidate move?

  13. As a self proclaimed beginner your videos have vastly help me improve. The explanations you give are fantastic and easy to understand when you break it down to the fundamentals.
    I won’t lie though, watching you just destroy lower ranked players that I struggle with is bologna. How can you make it look that easy.

  14. You're so much better than Levy Rozman. I've learnt more here.

  15. These rating climbs are much appreciated, with your thought process going behind the whole thing.

  16. 20 seconds left and still able to say I’m running out of time😂😂😂

  17. That guy was quite strong for a 1300. Looked like a 1600-1800. Probably underrated

  18. That first game makes me so angry. Whenever I’m playing at 1200 I swear my opponents find amazing moves at times. He literally just blundered everything 5 minutes up

  19. Been watching your channel nonstop all week, finally just broke 1000 🙏 you’re awesome dude, thanks for the videos!!

  20. commenting for the algorithm. Great video!

  21. exactly what i needed to learn: just take your time in the opening

  22. So interesting to see how different your thought process is to mine! I sit around 1200 and I would have been too scared to open up my king side like you did in game one. Love the explanations! Thanks👌

  23. I don't know how you feel about it, but, he seemed to play well beyond is 1345 rating! It was only when he started rushing that he blundered.

  24. 14:23 he just hanged his f4 knight. Not so brilliant move after all.

  25. I enjoyed seeing how to do a pawn storm in the second game. Very good explanations.

  26. I really like your thought process. I have also improved a lot by watching your videos. The check before you move is very helpful. When you see a good move, look for a better one! Muchas gracias!!

  27. 14:28 why didn't you take the knight? Was there a threat I'm missing? Because Kxf3 would happen either way, but you would be up a knight.

  28. Interesting to know your thought process. Be aware of the h3-g4 Kingside pawn attacks weakening your King. I think some prep before the attack or follow up for those weakened squares could be analyzed especially preventing Nf4 ideas from the Black for instance and the potential weak pawn on h3. Maybe you could take out the Knight first or push the h-pawn all the way up not sure but this is worth exploring. I have the same problem coming up with plans in similar positions.

  29. Nelson, thank you so much for explaining your thoughts after each move both from your perspective AND what you believe your opponent might be considering.

    I also learnt/ was reminded to do a Blunder Check as you always do before making a snap move.

  30. This was great! It confirms that I am on the right track with how I am thinking the game.

  31. Hey I dont understand why he sacrificed the queen to try and “flag you” ? What did you mean by that? Why would he end up throwing the game at the end with so much time vs your 20s?

  32. I get anxious when his time starts to run out

  33. These climbing the rating ladder videos are gold. Keep up the great work

  34. You are the best chess teacher on YouTube!!!
    I love the way you speak to the camera, ask us questions, encourage and praise the viewers, amazing… you should have x100 more subs ❤

  35. I’m confused why you didn’t take his horse

  36. you're one of the reason why from 800 I move up to 1300 thanks👍

  37. 1200 elo and up players yall just take the game to serious I mean it’s just a game I can’t do nothing with y’all right now I’m taking a break I’m not finna think that hard on just a game

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