Chess Pro Explains How to Spot Cheaters (ft. GothamChess) | WIRED

“Only a bot would play that!” Sacrificing a Queen in chess is a move you’re much more likely to see a bot make as opposed to a human, as humans want to protect the game’s most valuable piece. In the wake of the recent chess cheating scandal, Levy Rozman from GothamChess explains how you actually cheat at chess. Using artificial intelligence, see how people use everything from bathroom cell phones to ear pieces to try to skirt the rules and gain an edge.

Check out Levy’s YouTube channel:

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  1. This makes me feel smart. I use the queen to bait moves but I’m not a serious chess player

  2. Is it weird that I might have played the queen bait like that?… I'm not even particularly good at chess, just seems like a fun bait to do to see if the other player bites.

  3. My friend cheats by continuing the game after he got checkmated

  4. That dude is full of bs.
    Chess is the lame outdated version of RTS videogames.
    Lets take starcraft2 as the most influential. Or age of empires.
    In the competitive pro scene.
    So many strats involving sacrificing some units to win the match. All human players.
    Why not a new breed of chess players that introduces bold new strats.
    Chess is a lot easier than rts, being a tbs type game.
    For an rts grandmaster which is used to thinking at many hundreds of APMs and literally knowing at the specific second in a match what the opponent will do, playing the obsolete tbs chess is like beginners level once they understand the mechanics of Chess and frames of the match.

  5. Cheating at a tournament for the prize money and status is wrong but it makes sense some would do it.
    It’s cheating online that I don’t understand. Your account will be banned, you can’t take any credit; what’s the point?

  6. Uuuh the "sacrifice queen to get a checkmate" is something you do very often on lichess problems even at low elo…

  7. i just sat through that, i dont even play chess. tf

  8. One engine move is enough to throw the game. Over the board is the only way. Levi is full of it

  9. Mikhail Tal sacrificed all his pieces all the time.

  10. “If you sacrifice the queen that’s really suspicious”
    Nah fam I’m just horrible at the game 💀

  11. Magnus carlsen on Adderall as someone on Adderall is a really scary thought it's definitely a performance enhancing drug for chess 😂😂

  12. Out of curiosity, what if there was someone who was both a chess prodigy as well as possessing an eidetic (photographic) memory? If that person would review hundreds of games a day, he would essentially have the same memory functionality as a bot. This would be an interesting challenge to the scientific community.

  13. 9:27 – "No human in history has ever played a sequence of moves like that…"

    Nezhmetdinov rolls over in his grave, remember 5 or 6 of his own games.

  14. Tbh that could also be titled as 'The best queen sacrifice of all time'

  15. jajaj a ver, con lo del inicio. Mi vro, son humanos, no robots. Tienen la suficiente creatividad y destreza como para en algún momento realizar un sacrificio o una trampa xd Literalmente, en secundaria, en mis cursos de ajedrez esas jugadas eran de lo más normal xD

  16. What I do find funny is people keep saying play puzzles and learn all these tricky moves and sacs but if a player does that in game he is a cheat
    If I was suspicious I would look first at multiple insane moves not just one or two and auto think player is cheating because that is imo lame and WRONG and it does not mater what that move or two was because it can simply happen.
    Now if a plyer makes 5 questionable insane moves in a row then certainly the red flags come up.
    However I was watching a GM lose over and over to another IM and he was 100% certain the IM was cheating so he did the profile look and studied every game.Well he was WRONG and realized it then I am sure felt stupid because his opponent was making weak plays often there were just some really good plays as well that frustrated the GM.
    To me that is ego busting GM's hate to lose.
    Now if we are going to suspect that a lot cheat guess what you better start at the top because when comes to fame and fortune you can bet cheating is right close behind.

  17. Me: sees this brilliant move by sacrificing a queen
    Levy: CHEATER

  18. I'm just a noob at chess, but isn't the goal to capture the king? Sure sacrificing the queen is a bad move, but if it leads to the win why wouldn't a grand master do that move? Also, what happens when someone like Carlsen starts to study AI moves, wouldn't he be able to outthink others and seemingly look like AI is playing? In e-sports (either Dota or LoL) for years it was considered a bad way to train if you played against bots. But then someone managed to create a bot that started to do some weird plays that the human player could not beat. And soon after that, every major e-sport team was training against bots to get better. AI literally created a play where 1 character pushes hard and when health drops to under 40% he would start to run away knowing that the human player would chase him. And then the human player runs into AI's trap.

  19. The first 30 seconds is just dumb lol. Maybe in low time controls they wouldn’t do that, but even in rapid they’d have time to think and realize that’s a pretty obvious mating sequence.

  20. Just these people, whom you suspect, actually have a super cool compact convenient universal keyboard with artificial intelligence. Oops… sorry, my dog accidentally chose one brilliant outcome out of 996 million… next time I won't let him near my tablet.

  21. The trick is that if you know you are playing against a computer you know it is not just a stupid mistake and you will not so easily fall for it.

  22. I can't even count how many times I've played AI generated chess puzzles that basically requires you to sacrifice your queen for a potential victory only to scream at the screen that no one in their right mind would even consider it.

  23. I can only sacrifice a queen on accident or knowing I can do back rank

  24. 2000 elo, opponent 1950, accuracy 98% and a rating of 2850.. that’s always suspicious

  25. While no human has played that exact sequence, I'd not be surprised if Mikhail Tal had come close, with some pretty similar stuff. But I'm not really a profound chess connoisseur to say for sure, maybe actual chess experts can clearly kind of draw a line between things Tal would do and things only engines would. The only thing I can sort of guess would that the engines would kind of out-Tal Tal, with the human Tal sequences probably not even scoring as high in the engine evaluation, where they'd perhaps come up with something even weirder/bolder (or rather more conventional, tame/human-like, possibly, at times. Sometimes some moves have a psychological effect of seemingly posing a great threat/surprise when there's some defense that's available, but neglected, not being as obvious as it would be to an engine or even to someone playing more calmly).

  26. izit still sus to get 98.9 without chess engine,especially if they resign

  27. SmarteropMCTH (ช่องแยก) says:

    I sac a queen for mate but analysis say it a blunder 💀💀

  28. If there's a game that end in only five move and someone's rating is 97.5, would it be cheating?( I met this and I'm the guy)

  29. What, his justification is a human wont sacrifice the queen?

    The queen is just a piece, id sacrifice it a million times over if i can get the win. Pawns are more valuable to me, because pawns are relentless at moving forward and controlling the board, everything wlse is to support the pawns.

  30. Video: says cheating is bad, pros can only think of every move outcome to about 4 steps ahead
    Video example of cheating: shows a puzzle example that most people could figure out with time, that checkmates in 4 moves


  31. when you dont cheat, and someone calls you a cheater, you know you're gonna have a bright future

  32. "No human has ever sacrificed their queen for a checkmate"

    Uhh I have. If your reason for making this claim is "it's a smart move", then what you're saying is that no human is smart, including the ones who designed the algorithms by which the AI trained. Just because you didn't see a move doessn't mean nobody on earth is capable of seeing it.

    When I play I like to force them in an endless cycle of checks. It's my favorite way to force them to make specific moves. I always try to evaluate 2 or 3 moves ahead. Yes I make tons of mistakes. I've lost queens because I didn't even notice it was under attack. But if I can check them and force them to take my queen so that I can move into a spot that used to be under attack, then use a bishop to checkmate, I will. Sometimes I will sacrifice a piece just to get them to move their forces out of my way. Sun Tzu said "when your opponent is prone to anger, entice him and he will make a mistake, give them a prize they cannot refuse". They take my queen because "oooh it's the queen". Aaaaand checkmate. I used to drive my ex insane with this play style. I felt bad because at a certain point it was just them moving out of one check directly into another. But at the end of the day, it's just a game and it gets you to think about things critically several steps ahead.

  33. Thank you for these strategies. I just won my local chess tournament!

  34. I've made "AI moves" before, sacrificing my queen or rook for checkmate, but they were only a flash of genius during one of "those" games, and I'm still sitting at 700 elo with 49% winrate.

  35. I've seen similar things a lot on even 900 1000. It's like i refuse to believe that they're at that level. Why do some players at 1200 play way worse?

  36. If someone is cheating online at my rating they are terrible at chess AND cheating.

  37. Here in brasil exist a famous youtuber that just used cheat in chess (he is the second or third most famous) and thats embarassing

  38. Chess cheaters are not using AI. Just algorithms.

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