Chess Openings- Scotch Game

The Scotch Game is a very useful chess alternative for the Ruy Lopez that usually takes place with the first 2 moves. We will analyze the Scotch Game’s main lines and go over some of the key concepts that you should know when playing this game either as white or black.

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  1. Sorry but this is a totally useless video. No good ideas were offered for black, nor any main line analyzed beyond a couple moves.

  2. At 8:26, i would’ve just went to F6 with the Queen (black).

  3. thanks for doing all these videos kevin these are an eternal help to the chess community especially has generations go on

  4. Instructions unclear, lost in 6 moves PepeLaugh

  5. I just wanna ask, why didnt the knight just take the queen at 4:37??

  6. This is honestly my most hated opening. Scotch games take too long to set up before peices are taken ew

  7. at 5:15 why doesnt black just take the g2 pawn and also attack rook/check? Yes his king gets forked but the knight that takes the rook is stuck there so basically useless at that point while the black queen can just get away?

  8. im rated 900 on i play scotch every game they always capture with the pawn followed by the knight like every time if they dont they develop their other knight or the bishop i never see h4

  9. Awesome, I like Queen's Gambit with white, but I run into the Scotch all the time with black, so defending it seems tough with inevitable stacked pawns… ☹️

  10. what happens if black takes queen trade with the knight instead of with the king?

  11. can this also be played against philidor defense?

  12. I realize you were just giving a basic overview, but after Black's Bc5 and White plays Nxc3, Black has an option other than the immediate recapturing at c3 with either the b or d-pawn – Qf6, threatening mate on f2. Then Black has third option to recapture at c6. But, still it's probably best to recapture with a pawn. But, for those who don't like doubling their pawns, this is an option.

  13. I made that knight take mistake in the opening and lost on time to my friend. Never again.

  14. If black doesn't capture the first pawn, is it a mistake to push the D pawn to attack their knight and take control of the center?

  15. Do you know you any trap to respond 3…f6? I heard that there's a trap against f6 but I can't find it.

  16. stockfish 10 says the full exchange in the middle with the queen on d4 is the best line

  17. What would you do if black did Knight to f6 instead of knight to c6 at the beginning?

  18. But black can just capture the queen with the knight at the beginning

  19. Looks like black queen to f6 is gold for a Scotch opening. Pins dark square white bishop, threatens checkmate with bishop on c5, and slows development of pawns because of threat of check on h4.

  20. The knight can take when u take the qween

  21. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:

    Bourbon game

  22. why would black recapture queen with king when he could with knight and not lose castle? Also why move his king to stop the knight fork when he could move his queen back one square?

  23. I am so grateful for your chess website, I have learned much, I look forward to advancing my chess tournament play with your teachings.

  24. Once the knight was took down by the queen
    The possibilities of winning the game is higher

  25. Is 1.e4 e5
    2.Nf3 Nc64
    3.d4 e*d4
    4.N*d4 Bc5
    5.N*c6 Qf6

  26. Considering the moment at 7:11
    After knight d4-e6 black bishop could move to f2 declaring check, then white king takes it, then black queen moves to f6. Even if white king wouldn't take the bishop the situation becomes quite bad for white.

    I wonder why didn't you highlight this variant?))

  27. The first time you said black couldn't castle… take with knight instead of king

  28. ngl first seconds i thought Halloween theme song was playing

  29. 1:55 They can recapture the Queen with their Knight. I am not sure that is the right play there.

  30. very informative, clear and positive. will try out.

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