Chess Openings: Learn to Play the King’s Indian Attack!

Chess Openings: Learn to Play the King’s Indian Attack!

The King’s Indian Attack is one of the strongest chess openings for white, and there is nothing black can do to stop it! By playing the King’s Indian Attack, we avoid a ton of the chess opening theory of both e4 and d4. Black may have prepared chess openings such as the Sicilian Defense, Queen’s Indian Defense, French Defense, Benoni Defense, or Pirc Defense. However, with the King’s Indian Attack, we don’t need to deal with any of these dangerous chess openings for black. Instead, we simply develop our pieces while looking to fianchetto our bishop on g2. We look to castle kingside, and then launch an attack in either the center of the board or against the opponents king. The King’s Indian Attack is just like the King’s Indian Defense against d4 except for the fact that we get an extra tempo. The King’s Indian is a great chess opening option for the beginner chess player who wants to learn a good chess opening system to bring them to the next level. The King’s Indian Attack shows how to play good chess as it is a top tier chess opening for white. The King’s Indian is so strong because of the chess moves, chess ideas, chess principles, chess theory, chess tricks, chess traps, and chess strategy that it utilizes. If you are looking to improve at chess fast, the King’s Indian Attack might just be for you. We hope that this video serves as a chess opening guide for the King’s Indian Attack and all of it’s theory, strategy, and ideas. Similarly to the London System or Hippopotamus Defense, there’s nothing the opponent can do to stop us from achieving our setup. The King’s Indian has been played at all levels with great success, and still stands as a nightmare for the black side to deal with. Nobody gets excited playing against the King’s Indian, as it so strong and holds against the toughest of preparation. If you want to learn how to play chess, win games fast, and improve at chess quickly, the King’s Indian is a top tier choice. We hope you enjoy learning how to play the King’s Indian Attack!

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  1. You are missing an explanation for the line with locked advanced pawns in the center

  2. Very clear and concise! There’s a ton to study in this video alone. Thank you very much.

  3. My favorite opening for white

  4. More good stuff. Wouldja believe I've been playing KIA for decades but never considered moving the Queen to e1 to avoid that blasted Bishop pin from g4? Instead I'd play c3 then move Her Majesty Q-side and often as not out of play. Qe1 also makes sense 'cuz it allows a faster f4 with the Rook behind it instead of on e1. Wish I'd been a more attentive student of this game but of course it takes lotsa time and real-life issues interfere. Anyway thanks for another great viddy. Cheers and good luck!

  5. Nice video! KIA and KID vs Hippo for a universal opening? Which do you think would be better to focus on?

  6. I've figured out KIA does not work when the opponent plays 1.d4 after 1.nf3.

  7. Why does this guy look like a high T Tim Pool

  8. Never really looked at this opening before. If gets a good winrate in the database!

  9. What I have learned so far is it's a d4 opening and I still have my hands full with e4 openings. But I need to know it as blackso I play it QGD style rather than Slav style. Yep, it's a long game, usually even until move 10. Then the tactics really begin. And it's pretty nuts for both sides.

  10. super explanation! i Never got the meaning of the KIA until i saw this.

  11. I think black would easily blow the set up off. Why would black go pawn A4? Instead of pressing the queen?

  12. I learned the KIA for playing with black… but never considered it for white. Interesting. Usually white I go with Ponziani which seems to cause people a fair amount of problems. But I may give this a go for white. Cheers!

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