Chess openings – King’s Indian Attack

Chess openings – King’s Indian Attack
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  1. Wonderful video and great instructions! I'll add this opening in my repertoire.

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  3. Check out. Tony Biggz defeats stock fish10. In 1min 13sec. Only 18 moves Level 12cpu on pro.

  4. Your explanations are the best. My sense is that these are among the few that spend enough time on the “why”. Thank you.

  5. what a terrible annoying, working on the nervous system, voice that commentor has. It's wonderful, he says again and again. No, it isn' t, find somebody else to narrate and comment please !

  6. Yeah, it's really a good attack. Does anybody here know that chess was invented in India?

  7. Wow. I've been a subscriber for a bit, and you could easily write an openings overview book for beginners — similar to Seirawan's Winning Chess Openings. You explain a lot of things in these videos that often go unexplained in actual books!!!

  8. At 7:00 after white plays e4 what if black plays d4?
    What would be a good way for white to respond to the locked down center?

  9. There are only videos on your website. There are no content

  10. I like your chess opening videos the most. Why is the channel's name Krishna Prem?

  11. Look man! I am not gay, but I love this guy! He explains openings better than Grand Masters. He gives you the fucking foundationssssss. Imagine I never realized the subtlties of c4 for white.

  12. Pitcher not clear the word mistek pit

  13. this guy needs to stream on twitch. I think people would eat this guys content up. would love to support this guy and learn chess from him as I'm sure many others would also.

  14. Go directly to the kIA, don't demonstrate other openings!

  15. Wow what a wonderful explanation even 9 years later. I'm counting it as 2021 as of December 28, 2020. 🙂

  16. Incredible teaching, thanks a bunch 🙏

  17. Great introduction, as usual. Thanks. I love your videos.

  18. Incredibly clear! I learned a lot in this short video. Keep up the good work!

  19. Really solid, straightforward information. I've always struggled with this opening, so the little tips and tricks really help

  20. One of the most informative videos ive seen on this attack, thank you

  21. If White so chooses, the KIA can also be used as a stepping stone to transpose into the Catalan with an early c4, correct?

  22. very informative and well produced video. great work brother

  23. Bishop to g5 can be a solution to such an opening

  24. I have 1700 for me this opening is more complicated than Sicilian Najdorf

  25. Remove your literature inside the chess board while you are explaing …your literature covered the pieces

  26. The translation is so annoying🤦‍♂️Covering the pieces on the board.

  27. wow, this video is from 2012. Superb quality, very much ahead of the time.

  28. I've been playing the KIA for many years and hardly encounter …c6 by Black.

  29. "very interesting attack for white known as the kings indian attack"

  30. I love your instructions, they are uncluttered with the extracurricular. I am enlightened and engrossed. Thanks.

  31. Thank you for the excellent and helpful video, it was very well presented and I appreciate it

  32. what happens if black immediately start attack with h5

  33. I have unfortunately never heard of this channel till now, even though it exists from my perspective since… since ever basically. Nevertheless it’s produced with very high quality and definitely very instructional!

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