Chess Opening Tricks & Traps in Queen’s Gambit Accepted & PUZZLE | Best Strategy, Moves & Ideas

Here are some amazing Chess Opening Tricks & Traps to Win Fast in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted variation. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video.

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As you know, openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, moves and ideas that you can use to win more games. There are two variations in the queen’s gambit – Accepted & declined. In this video, I will show you all the Traps in the Queen’s Gambit Accepted Chess Opening Variation. I will share with you some amazing variations to fool your opponent & gain a match-winning advantage in the first few moves. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out.

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  1. as black, a common way to decline gambit is Slav or semi slav defence. can you please make video on it
    and for the puzzle
    it's Qxh6, Bxh6 and Rxh6. Checkmate or sacrifice queen

  2. Qxh6+, Bxh6
    Rxh6+, Qh7
    Rhxh7+, Kg8
    Rcg7+ checkmate

  3. If we move the queen to h6, We will be winning as the knight captures our queen allowing our rook to capture the knight give a check.
    If he tries to defend by blocking us with his queen we will capture his queen too giving us a CHECKMATE!

  4. Solution to the puzzle
    1: Qxh6+ Bxh6 is forced
    2:Rxh6+ Qh7 is forced
    3:Rhxh7+ Kg8 is forced
    and then finally Rcg7 is a beautiful checkmate.

  5. Say check with queen. Only option for black is to take with Bishop and take the Bishop with rook say check again only option for black is to block with queen .take the queen with same rook .king left with only one safe square and finally bring the other rook to checkmate

  6. Qh6 check then Bishop forced to take. Rook takes bishop h6. Queen forced to block h7. Rook takes queen h7 from h6. King has only one move g8. Rook to g7 from c7. Its a beautifull checkmate.

  7. Qxh6+ bxh6 rxh6+ black has give it's queen so it's game over

  8. White-e6

  9. Puzzle-Queen to h6 then bishop captures and the rook recapture its a cheak So Queen to h7 is forced rook captures queen then king to g8 its a only legal move and then another rook to g7 and its a beautiful cheak mate🥰

  10. Me playing the queen's gambit by "sacrificing" my queen at 10th move in every game 😢

  11. We kill the pawn with quen then bishub capture then we capture with rook and chek mate

  12. The solution to the PUZZLE: White should just sacrifice his queen and rook to divert the opponents attention somewhere else and then white will easily destroy black so the best move is for white to sacrifice his queen, followed by sacrificing ONE of his rooks cuz he needs it to help destroy black. There is one other way to do this as well. First White should sacrifice his queen, then he should double his rooks and make a rook exchange, and then use the bishop to pounce on the king after a series of blunders made by black.

  13. bishop e1 then e4 then e6 can win the game i think.

    if he takes bishop with his then queen h6 and then queen is forced to block then you eat queen and thats checkmate.
    if he doesnt take then you take queen is forced to take and then you take his queen with yours and you win but im not sure this works because he might escape

  14. Puzzle: Qxh6+. Bxh6. Rxh6+. Qh7. Rxh7. Kg8. Rg7#

  15. Answer of puzzle is queen takes on h6 then bishop capture queen then white will capture bishop on h6 now the only legal move is to block with queen then we can take queen with rook on h6 then black has only 1 square left and that is g8 then we will checkmate the king using other rook on g7

  16. The puzzle answer is-
    1. e6 | Rf6 to attacking the queen
    2. Qg2 | Qf8
    3. Bc3 to attacking the rook | Rc8 to attacking the rook
    4. Rdd7 | Rxc7
    5. Rxc7 | Rxe6 is the very big mistake
    6. Bxf7+ | Black queen not want to capture the Bishop because when the black queen capture the Bishop then the white queen capture the black queen and it is checkmate so Kg8
    7. Bxf8+ | Kxf8
    8. Qxb7 | Rg6+
    9. Kh1 | Rd6
    10. Rc8+ | Rd8
    11. Rxd8#

  17. For the puzzle :
    Qxh6, Bxh6, check with Rd6xh6, Qh7, check with Rh6Xh7, king to g8 and Rc7g7 IS a beautiful checkmate

  18. R6D7,Qg7 captures bishop,Rdg7 captures queen,Rgh7 check,Rcg7#

  19. Q×h6 and B×h6 and R×h6+ and Qh7 Rh×h7+ Kg8 Rcg7#

  20. 1. Queen F6, check
    2. Only way to defend by bishop to FY
    3. Finally rook to F6 is a checkmate

  21. Solution for the puzzle:
    Qxh6+ from here black can do 2 things, number one:
    Bxh6, white do Rxh6+, Qh7 force, Rhxh7+, Kg8 force , Rcg7#.

    Number two:
    Qh7, white do Rxg7 and then black do anything white will do Qxh7#.

    And that will be a wonderful checkmate.

  22. For the puzzle the best way to get a significant advantage is Qg7+ and now black is forced to take it with his queen and does Qg7, we simply take the black queen with Rg7. We're now up in material and white has a significant advantage.

  23. pigs on 7th rank, then whatever move black plays its mate in 1

  24. 1.Qxh6?. Bxh6. 2.Rxh6?. Qh7. 3. R( on h6) xh6 ?. Kg8. 4. R( on c7) moves to g7 and it's checkmate

  25. Computer in my chess game brings queen soo early,. Like I don't even get a chance to defend. ., that time my emotions are dead.

  26. Hi anyone know what is the meaning of Hampers & Nuances ?

  27. The best move for white in puzzle – Pone to f6 ,
    1st.if black tries to capture the pone by the bishop you can simply take it by the rook , if black take your rook by his rook you can give check by the queen at f6 , if he block the check by queen at g7 than he is gone – you can get his queen by your other rook , now it's a beautiful check mate by the queen to h6.

    2nd. If the black tries to capture the pone by the rook you can simply apply the same moves as the 1st.

  28. Queen to h6 is the best move because by that we will capture a pawn then black will capture it with bishop then again rook to h6 is a check then he will have to move hi queen to h7 and then our rook will take it then again check than black will move his king. To e8 then took to e6 is the winning move

  29. Solution to puzzle:
    take the pawn in h6 using the queen and if bishop takes queen take the bishop with the rook and if he uses queen to defend the check take out the queen with other rook and it's checkmate…

  30. Q ×h6+, B×h6 (only move)
    R×h6+, Qh7 (only move)

  31. Solution to the puzzle-
    Queen captures the pawn on H6
    Only legal move is bishop captures queen
    Rook capture bishop
    Only legal move is blocking with queen
    Rook capture queen #

  32. Queen takes pawn at h6. Black bishop takes white queen… rook takes bishop.. black queen to h7 … h6 rook takes black queen#.

  33. First qxh6. if bxh6 then rxh6, qh7, rxh7 and its a checkmate. or if qh6, then rxg6, rg8, qxh7 and its a mate

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