Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast | Greco Gambit Traps, Moves, Strategies & Ideas

Here are some amazing chess opening tricks & traps in the Greco Gambit. In this video, we will cover some common opening variations & tactics for both white & black pieces in the Greco Gambit variation. This is an interesting opening & a good one to try on the chessboard, especially in Blitz or Bullet chess games. You will also learn how to counter this opening as black when someone tries this opening against you. These opening tricks will help you to win fast against your friends & other players who have not seen this before. We also have a Surprise GIVEAWAY by Unacademy. All you need to do is solve the puzzle in this video & 5 lucky winners can win 3 Months Chess Subscription of Unacademy.

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Video Timestamps:
0:00 Greco Gambit: Introduction & Setup
1:59 Greco Gambit – Opening Traps for White
3:23 Bishop a3 – Best move with common variations
4:59 Best Defense for Black – Main Strategy & Ideas
6:06 Unacademy Giveaway – Chess Puzzle

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  1. Who else is so happy that Chess talks uploaded twice in a week!

  2. Queen g5 check if king h7 queen g7 check king e8 queen e7 is a checkmate so if king h8 then queen g7 is a checkmate so if black takes the queen knight h6 check king h8 bishop b2 check rook h6 bishop takes rook on h6 is a checkmate.

  3. Who else is so happy that Chess talk uploaded twice in a week!

  4. king g5 check sacrifice ,pawn takes Queen knight e7 check king moves h7 bishop b2 checkmate

  5. i wanna ask here at 3:49 if black queen takes white rook and if we take black queen with our A3 bishop and he takes white bishop with his king and we give him a check with out D1 queen by moving it to E1 and if black king moves to F8 what we will do?

  6. White scarifies the Queen by Qg5+ , f x g5 , Nh6+ , Kh8 , Bb2#

  7. 1. Qg5+ fxg5
    2. Nh6+ Kh8
    3. Bb2+ Rf6
    4. Bxf6#

  8. answer of the puzzle is Qg5 then knight to h6 the king is forced to move h8 and then…. WE PLAY A MOVE BISHOP TO be and IT'S DONE !!!!

  9. Your planing good but your video make boring me because your tite disturb in every video

  10. What if the black bishob dosent move and the black moves the pawn attaking the bishob

  11. Can't see any thing because of your sharp brain

  12. Very nice explanation in detail , Awesome

  13. Incredible efforts to explanation the Most toughest strategies & tactics in a very easy and practical manner to understand the brilliant game of brilliant player with the brilliant mind in a decent manner in very practical and powerful mythology.
    I wish you great success and wisdom to create an outstanding Glory of his beautiful game.

    Best of Luck
    Nishant Choudhary Jain
    S/O Shree Ram Singh Ji Choudhary

  14. Can you make a video about it with bishop c3, because that always happens to me. 🙁

  15. I think it should Q g5 because black has to capture because if he give k h8 so Qg7 is a checkmate so when he captures then Nh6 so black is forced to move on k h8 then a brilliant move B b2 and a beautiful mate so the answer is Q g5

  16. I played this but my opponent blocked attack by b6 I forgot theory 🤦‍♂️

  17. your face resembles manjeet chillar of kabaddi

  18. Qg5 then pawn takes Qg5
    Knight comes with check on h6 then it's mate on the next move bishop to b2
    Qg5 then king to f7 then mate in next move queen to f5

  19. Another tricks that I would forget when playing in actual game 😂

  20. queen g5 then f6 takes queen then knight h6king h8 is forced then b2 cheakmate

  21. White Q g5
    Black Pxg5
    White N f5 to h6
    Black K h8
    White B b2 chackmate 😅😊😂

  22. Tysm for this I won a chess game with my friend who plays 1500 elo and I got a solid +97 😁….

  23. Alif Moohammad Alif -ur Rahman Mridha says:

    Isn't the best move for whight is capturing the black's rook by the knight?

  24. 6:06 Unacademy Giveaway:

    Like this video, Comment with your answers & 5 Lucky Winners will WIN 3 Months Unacademy's Premium Chess Subscription.

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