Chess Opening Tricks to WIN FAST: Fajarowicz Gambit Queen Traps | Best Moves, Strategy & Ideas

Fajarowicz Gambit – Here are some Deadly Chess Opening Tricks & Traps to Win Fast and capture the queen in the Budapest Defense variation. As you know, openings are the most exciting phase in the game of chess. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you all the Traps for Black in the Budapest Gambit – Fajarowicz Chess Opening Variation. I will show you 3 different lines that black can play to trap the white queen & ultimately checkmate him to win the game. These are some amazing variations to fool your opponent & mate him in the first few moves. These secret tricks will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who have not seen such traps before. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. I think rook to e1 is the best move because if blacks rook takes our queen we can take back with our rook and give checkmate

  2. For the puzzle I think the best move is Knight to e7

  3. I don’t know if you know this but I am 9. I started watching your channel 6 months ago and it really helps me with chess. I’ve subscribed to you and thank you for helping me improve in chess so much.

  4. Great way to trap the queen but no one plays c4

  5. Hi sir , knight move to f6 if he capture with the pawn and keep the rook to G1 it is check and king move to h8 finally queen move to f6 and it is a checkmate

  6. The solution to the puzzle is:
    1.Ne7 +
    Now he has 2 choices
    No. One: 1. …., Kh8
    Then, 2. Qxf8#
    No. Two: 1. …., Nxe7
    Then, 2. Rd8
    If, 2. …., Kh8
    3. Qxh8#
    If, 2. …., Rxe8
    3. Rxe8#
    If 2. …., h6
    Then we can simply gobble up the Rook by Qxf8 + followed by Qxe7.
    And if he move anything then Qxf8#.

  7. The queen had another square to go to, b7

  8. The answer is Ne7+ if N×e7 Q×f8+ K×f8 Rd8#

  9. that time we have to move the night to e7 and if the black moves the king to h8 then simply we have to take roock then its a checkmate my name Nishitha.P I am 13 years old

  10. Puzzle: Knight to e7 check & black knight captures it. Then rook to d8 and the checkmate is very close

  11. horse-e7, queen capture rook, check from Rook and Mate.

  12. Horse to e7 the black horse takes our horse then our queen takes then we will move rook to d8 then black elephant kills our elephant then we will take the black rook and checkmate if the black rook doesnt take our rook we will just kill black rook and checkmate

  13. Knight e7 knight takes knight queen takes knight, rook d8 queen d8 gameover

  14. Puzzle
    Ne7. If black captures with knight Rd8 if Rxe8 then Rxe8#
    Ne7. If black captures with knight Qxf8 Kxf8 Rd8#
    If black doesn't capture Kh8 is forced and Qxf8#

  15. Ne7 check N takes N queen takes rook check, king takes queen
    Then rook d8 beautiful check mate

  16. Ne7+ If king moves h8 Then Qxf8# so knight takes knight is the best move so Queen takes f8 king takes queen rook d8 is a checkmate.

  17. Sir I am going to play in tournament

  18. puzzle answer
    Ne7 check .N cut e7,Rd8.R cut e8.R cut e8 #

  19. Moral of the video: Never move pawn C4 for white 😂😂

  20. Bro in 3:48 u litrellly hav a black bishop staring at tge queen if he move Qa3🤣

  21. For second variation opponent can play bishop to G4 and if we capture with knight then the queen will escape as there is no knight I think it's not the best trap

  22. Puzzle
    Ne7 check only legal move Nxe7 then Qxf8 check Kxf8 is forced then Rd8#

  23. White; knight e7
    Black; king (check) h8
    White ; queen take the rook f8
    And thats a beautiful checkmate

  24. As per chess talk any of the opponents plays moves as per his tricks that’s means he is showing fake tricks and tips 😂

  25. In the position: r2qkb1r/pQpp1ppp/1pn5/4P3/2P1n3/5N2/PP2PPPP/RNB1KB1R w KQkq – 1 7
    stockfish gives 3-point advantage to white!! In your video, block ween??

  26. The puzzles answer is very simple see how – First of all we will give a check by white horse to e7 then the black's knight capture it and then we will capture the black's rook by the queen on the f8 square then the king will capture our queen then we will simply checkmate by the rook check on d8 square

  27. What if opponent plays queen at D4 instead of pawn,

  28. I like your all video I have played this chess trick in my school
    and I win I am very happy and I get medal thank you🎉🎉❤❤❤❤

  29. Everything is fine with this trick but it is unlikely that Opponent will play the pawn placed in front of bishop.

  30. White N e7 chack
    Black N xe7
    White Q xR f8
    Black K xQ f8
    White R d8😮😅😊😂🎉

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