Chess Opening Traps to WIN Fast: Dutch Defense Tricks, Strategy & Ideas | Quick Checkmate Tips

You will learn an amazing chess opening trick & trap to Win Fast in the Dutch Defense. The Korchnoi Attack, Janzen-Korchnoi Gambit is an aggressive chess opening that will have your opponent in big trouble in no time.
Over 5500 chess players have fallen for this opening chess trap and never saw the 7 move checkmate coming. This is truly an amazing chess tactic that you need to learn. I cover various chess opening strategies, tricks,
ideas, and moves that you can use to win more games. I will show you all the traps for white in the Dutch Defense, Korchnoi Attack, Janzen-Korchnoi Gambit variation. I will also show you the best chess tactics and ideas
that white should be aware of and how to counter blacks best opening plans to gain an advantage in the opening. This trap is a high probability trap that will give you the chance to checkmate your opponent in the first
few moves of the game. This is a little known trick which has tremendous surprise value and is truly a secret chess trick that every beginner chess player as well as intermediate and advanced chess players should know.

High Probability Opening Traps PLAYLIST:

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  1. Well in the Dutch, never NEVER accept gambits. I'm a dutch main and I've lost games this way

  2. You get bonus points for the FRIENDS reference lol

    Great video!

  3. Are you watching The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. You might make videos on the strategies named and shown in the show.

  4. Hello. I'm a newbie in chess and I decided to watch as many chess videos on youtube I can to learn new things. I really like your content and how you explain everything,I understand smoothly.I have one question? What application are you using? Can that database be accesed for free? Also,one more question.If I want to store some chess lines(basically the main moves for an opening,stored them in some files on a computer),what is the best application for that? Thanks a lot.

  5. What should black do after the trap is set? Just continue with standard opening moves like moving the e-pawn?

  6. You're grand! All the best from Siberia!

  7. At 1:53, if black D6, wouldn't that just change everything to just a rook trade?

  8. “How did I get into such a bad position?” You played the Dutch lol

  9. So in summary, accepting the gambit on g4 is not a good idea for Black. Cool trap though, you don't get to see the potential Qg6 mate everyday (or lose their Rook on h8 if they try to defend mate by giving space for the King).

  10. Fun video! I always love opening traps since even if I am not playing the illustrated opening, sometimes the traps work anyway with different opening s or transpositions.

  11. Just discovered you channel. Really great content mate. Are you still doing this series? Is the playlist up to date as there's only a few in there and it's been 9 months since this one. Thanks Nelson keep up the great videos.

  12. What if Nh6 was play what to do?????

  13. what do you about this? After qxk, qg8 and then bishop to h6?

  14. i’m a dutch defense main, so thanks for the video

  15. I came across this a week ago and I forgot the line and I was so mad at myself

  16. Now there’s like 9000 people that fell for this

  17. e4 f5 ….close the shity video no body with sanity plays f5

  18. More like dumb’s defense. Black moved his F pawn without FunMasterMike’s written permission.

  19. The problem is my opponent is also wathcing this video 😭.

  20. "Stay Sharp; Play Smart and take care" 😌

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