Chess Masterclass: How GMs find the Best Moves? Best Tips & Ideas to Improve your Game, Play Better

Here’s a Masterclass on how Chess Grandmasters think & find the best moves in any position. In this video, I will reveal all the secret tips and techniques that grandmasters use to improve their chess game. These secret chess tips will help you get better at chess & improve your game very fast. These ideas will help you in understanding the basics of chess thinking, which will ultimately teach you how to win in chess games. This will help you in training for middlegames & master chess calculations. You will learn the best ways to find good moves quickly & also discuss the concept of candidate moves. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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Video Timestamps:
0:00 : Average Chess Players vs Grandmasters
0:54 : Concept of Candidate Moves
1:57 : Forcing Moves & Tactics. Watch this as well:
2:36 : General Principles
3:39 : Resolving Piece Problems
4:18 : Chess Analysis with DecodeChess
5:33 : Intuition in Chess
5:47 : Magnus Carlsen Reveals a Secret
6:32 : Move Consistency
7:17 : Analyzing your opponent’s last move. Watch This as well:
7:32 : Reality Check
8:04 : Chess Puzzle

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  1. Queen to c6 then bishop takes then rook to d8 and here's a checkmate.

  2. Rook to d5 then black bishop takes the rook and finally queen to d8 , checkmate .

  3. Answer to todays chess puzzle-
    1.Qc6 Qc8 2.Rd8 Bxc6 3.Rxc8#

  4. Queen to c6, pawn capture knight at a5, rook to d8 check, queen to c8, rook capture queen at c8 checkmate.
    Or after queen c6, if black play queen to c8, then rook to d8, now if black capture rook with queen, then its checkmate with queen capture bishop b7. Or after white play rook to d8 if black capture queen with bishop at c6, then rook capture queen at c8 is checkmate.
    Or after queen c6 if black capture queen with bishop at c6, then rook d8 and game over.

  5. Simply move queen to d8
    If any one agree please like

  6. Can you make a video about how to develop a plan

  7. will the king be in check even if any piece is at the end of the board. can the king be checked by any piece of the opponent. for example if there is a piece at e8 and there is no piece blocking, so will the king be checked.

  8. i thought nc6 was good since threatening mate but qc6 works too

  9. I started off on 600 ELO and would struggle to make it to 700. Now I made it to 990 ELO because of You❤️

  10. This is a Fantastic Video! I had already knew about DecodeChess but I was trying to find someone who can really teach me how to really use before I bought it? 👍

  11. Jeetendra sir I am a great follower of u and sir I try to follow the tips in all of your videos….hope u will provide us with many other interesting tips that will help us in our games….

  12. Dude, LIKED your video not for the content but for the language has been delivered in.
    Liked your content, loved your English.
    Masha'Allah. Stay blessed.

  13. queen to c6 for a mate if bishop captures ,rook to d8 , queen blocks and rook capture it will be a mate

  14. The best move for white to continue the game well is to move his queen to f7 square. Then block will face checkmate by sevaral path . Like on e8 square and g7 square by the white queen .so the best move for black is to bring his queen on g8 square and then the notetion will be Re8 and balck have no way to save the check mate
    Or black can move his bishop to h6 after the move of qf7 by white. But white will give a check by moving his queen to e7 and after two moves of Bf8(black),Rf1(white)# black will loss the game

  15. Simple queen to d8
    Black protect by playing bishop to c8
    Then place your rook to d5 now the black will have to move this queen
    Then take the bishod by your queen which is move c8
    And bingo its just a checkmate..

  16. Can you translate all you videos in Hindi

  17. Knight to c6, threatening to checkmate by Q to b8
    Variation 1: if bishop takes then Q x c6 check followed by rook d8 winning
    Variation 2: if Q to c8, knight x a7, if king takes then Rook a1 checkmate, if black Queen moves elsewhere say b8, then also Rook a1 winning, since Knight is coming to a7 in next move

  18. Im seeing a lot of Qc6 answers to the puzzle but I think kc6 works too, albeit longer.
    1) kc6, threatening checkmate with Qb8, plus weve taken black bishop out of their offense, so black has to take the knight with the bishop.
    2) Qc6 takes bishop, check, kings only squre is b8
    3) rd8, check. (Basically checkmate, but black can block with Qc8 to prolong)
    4) white queen takes Qc8, checkmate

  19. N-c6
    If bishop doesn't capture the knight then simply Q-b8 is checkmate
    If B×Nc6 then Q×Bc6+ then K-b8 only possible move, then R-d8+ mate

  20. 1.Qc6!! …
    Idea 2.Q×b7+#
    If black protects b7 or attack to queen or knight, so 2.Rd8(+ or +#)

  21. What's wrong with Qc7?? anything other than Qc1 for black is mate in 1…. then Rd8 and you can see the rest from there.

  22. You can take examples of GMs games to explain candidate moves and how to spot brilliant moves

  23. Nc6 threatens mate in one (Qb2) so it has to be taken with Bxc6. White takes bishop with check (Qxc6+). Black is forced to play Kb8. White plays Rd8+, but it's not mate yet as black is forced to defend with Qc8. This is met with either Qxc8 or Rxc8, both of which would be checkmate.

  24. Qc6 bishop has to capture other wise it will be checkmate…Bxc6.
    Now Rd8+ then Qc8. Then Rxc8 checkmate

  25. qc6 , qc8 , rd8 , qxb7 is the answer for the puzzle

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