Chess Masterclass: 5 Step Thinking Strategy | Best Tips, Tactics, Moves & Ideas for Beginners

Here’s a Masterclass on Chess Thinking. In this video, I will share with you a 5 step thinking strategy to improve your chess game. We cover problems with different tactics, ideas & moves helpful for beginners, kids & intermediate level players. These secret chess tips will help you get better at chess & improve your game very fast. These lessons will help you in understanding how to play chess & how to think in chess, which will ultimately teach you how to win in chess games. This will help you in training for middlegames & master chess calculations. Chess players will learn the best ways to find good moves quickly through the SWOT Analysis approach. We will evaluate your moves depending on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats of white & black in different games. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Qd6+, KxQ; BxC3+ then white is up 1 piece

  2. Bishop d2 takes bishop c3 , then black queen takes our bishop on e3 checking our king , we block with our rook , then queen d6 , then queen d8 mate

  3. Pawn to f3
    As it prevents checkmate

  4. Amazing video, really gave me a fresh perspective

  5. I think the move i will make is to move my queen to d5 there i will be protected by my pawn and the black will have both the queen and the bishop in danger with a choice of whom to sacrifice….just thinking🤔

  6. I think the move i will make is to move my queen to d5 there i will be protected by my pawn and the black will have both the queen and the bishop in danger with a choice of whom to sacrifice….just thinking🤔

  7. Im a noob at chess but I think the move is qc5 white

  8. I love the part where you say that it also applies to life. You've earned a new subscriber!

  9. I know I’m alittle late seeing this video. But, I think bg5 would be the best move because it’s checking the king and no matter where it goes the white queen and checkmate it. Im still new to chess but that’s my best answer. 😁

  10. Queen to C7 : Check on King as well as attacking the rook

  11. I think we should move the Elephant to the left at b position..pardon me for not saying exact location in terms of chess..This move will give opportunity to kill the black bishop and black elephant..and simultaneously a threat of checking the king..

  12. I am 1987 elo player at the age of 11😢
    I thought I will achieve 2000 elo 😢😢

  13. Solution to puzzle: Qd6+ If king moves we take rook. If Kxd6 Bxc3+ and the queen is lost. We will gain a bishop.

  14. Here's the answer to the puzzle. Queen moves to d6 check, forking the king and the rook at b8. Black king has no choice but to capture the white queen otherwise loses the rook at b8. After black king captures at d6 then bishop captures bishop at c3 and its a discovered check by the rook at d1, and when black kings moves anywhere then bishop captures black queen at a5 giving white a material advantage 😊.

  15. Solution of puzzle:Queen to d6 check then king takes queen then we can take his bishop with discovered check and then he saves his king then we can take his queen and we are up a piece…

  16. Qd6+..
    If King takes, then he'll lose a Bishop & Queen.
    If he retreats, then he'll lose rook and probably a Bishop

  17. Qd6+ an then if he takes u play Bxc3 open check.. but if he doesn't take your queen you just take his rook

  18. I think we should move c6 to d5 by making pressure to queen

  19. Bishop to G2
    S: Guards Queen and H1 Rook while still covering H3 and develops the bishop gaining the Light Center Diagonal control.
    W: weakens defense of E2 Pawn opening a potential avenue for future attacks.
    O: Bishop takes D2, would provoke disadvantageous trade losing Queen.
    T: Queen takes A2 Pawn, leaving C3 Bishop hanging. No current threats to White's Queen but Having her out there exposed feels pretty bad. Should look to cover her or reposition to mitigate future attacks.
    Ignore the A2 Pawn threat and hold position reinforcing the Queen and developing the bishop?

  20. I want to meet people that I can play chess with. Like a community. Any idea how to find it or anyone else facing same issue?

  21. Bishop g2 to defend the queen I guess

  22. actually i found a sacrifice, white should play Qd6 sacrificing the queen, if Kxd6 then Bxc3+ and anywhere king move we take the black queen too. if king moves anywhere instead of accepting the sacrifice we simple take the rook on b8 and black no longer threatens checkmate and we attack the bishop as bonus (pin this jatendra)

  23. First I will move the queen to d6 (checked) if it is captured then I will capture the black bishop (open check) and then I will capture their queen.
    If the king does not capture my queen then I simply capture the white rook..

  24. The best move for white is queen d6 sacrificing the queen after King takes
    Bishop takes bishop with a discovered check after the king moves we take the queen

  25. I think G2 is the bestest move bcoz it Will open the way for the king to change its position with elephant and it also defend queen ,loved your video❤❤❤

  26. Qd6 check then if king takes we will give discover check by moving bc3 and after king moves we will take the queen
    If king doesn't takes our queen then we capture the rook

  27. next best move for white is bishop to g5

  28. I will move my white bishop protecting queen and rook +creating a passaway for king. If there are any potential threat please tell ne via replying on my comment

  29. Legends no one has ever solved the puzzle in this video.

  30. The last one to find the best move for white is to move the rook and attack the bishop. if the the black will move it we can capture the queen or the black will not move the bishop we can take the bishop but it will capture our rook by using queen but still we have the chance to capture the queen.

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