Chess is a gentleman’s game! ft. Gukesh, Nihal Sarin and emotions#shorts

Chess is a gentleman’s game!

Look at the intensity in the game between two of the biggest talents of Indian chess Gukesh and Nihal Sarin and how they handle their emotions when the game ends.

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  1. Don't see women competing against the best?
    I wonder why

  2. He lost on time, how is that gentlemanly lol

  3. Kabir Singh vs. Kabir Singh😄

  4. Why I can't see a women in chess competition

  5. "chess is a gentle men game"
    meanwhile the background music 💀

  6. Can't handle a little aggro? Def won't like chess boxing

  7. Indeed, ladies, remember, a GENTLEMAN'S game! It's for GENTLEMEN!!!! Cramling, Botez sisters, Polgar sisters, Yifan, Humpy, Lagno, Krush, Kosteniuk, Wenjun, Muzychuk, we're looking at you! ;p

  8. There will always be one loser… be a good loser when you do lose and don’t be a cocky asshole when you win 😂😂😂 cause your next loss is right around the corner lol

  9. Barbarism and stubbornness is his weakness pardon him 🖕🖕🖕

  10. Every game should be played by the rules and being a human

  11. Anyone Notice Vidit…In background

  12. Is chess is a gentle man game I played chess so I am a gentle man

  13. Nihal is always calm, gukesh too, but not thid instant ig.

  14. For background music I would have selected top ten…
    10. Beethovens 5th symphony
    9. Talking Heads Psycho Killer
    8. Queen Another One Bites The Dust
    7. Michael Jackson Beat it
    6. Survivor Eye Of The Tiger
    5. Dave Matthew's Band Crash Into me
    4. Black Sabbath Paranoid
    3. Led Zeppelin Heartbreaker
    2. Wu Tang Clan Shadowboxin
    1. Pink Floyd Great Gig In The Sky

    May your life go well

    "Hare Krishna"

  15. He just lost his knight along with the time.

  16. Gukesh lost on time…he should have immediately shook Nihal's hand, because he knew he had lost too😮

  17. They both were watching people in the balcony in the end and showing frustration on the end…

  18. its not like he pulled out a semi-automatic

  19. Is there any umpire to observe and find the mistake happened in clicking the timer? At least the other gentleman should have accepted his mistake and should have told that click was not proper and affected the opponents time.

  20. Can someone give me the name of the background. It's ridiculously good.

  21. Kasparov, Karpov will disagree on the gentleman’s part

  22. Sarin is super fast, probaly the fastest in India yo! 😉

  23. The music makes me think a John Wick kill is about to happen.

  24. Ess game kii khaas baat yeah haii kii cheting nahi hoo sakti haii ess mee,wanna cricket mee tooh TV mee tooh hoti hee haii upar see gali cricket mee tooh aur bhi zyada like mee ready nahi thaa tumne ball feek dii 😂😂😂

  25. I feel the biggest flaw in the chess tournament is keeping the clock on only one side. It's really difficult for one person who's playing with his right hand and the clock is on its left side. It actually consumes time lifting the playing hand from the other side to tap the clock on the opposite side. Even the millisecond matters in this game.

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