chess in minecraft


mods usedin this video:
Guard Villagers (Fabric)

Immersive Portals

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  1. This really looks like wizard chess from Harry Potter

  2. That's not chess 🤧, that's an arena

  3. mmmmhhh im not sure if you know the chess rules…. maybe we just play it differently

  4. Feria del libro 📖 de los años anteriores a las elecciones 🗳

  5. ❤️👍feria internacional del libro 📚 en el país 🇦🇪 y de la ciudad 🌆

  6. My little cousin: Let's do a match
    The match:

  7. First battle Of minecraftia:
    Villagers won
    Second battle Of minecraftia:
    Pillagers won

  8. why you put the bad vilivers in the chest i think you tiny them😕😕😕

  9. Swords beat axes, but everyone loses to Ravagers

  10. Why is no one asking what mod this is??? It’s obviously not immersive portals that’s a completely different mod. How do you make them small like this???

  11. Chess doesn't have 14 by 14 grid its 8

  12. This is not chess, the board is 14 by 14.

  13. fact: the model for villagers is from mod called "Guard Villagers"

  14. Я думал будут шахматы😂

  15. Wow the villagers actually won the first round!

  16. The perfect chess remix doesn't exi-

  17. I don't think that's how one plays Chess

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