Chess, But You Can Upgrade Your Pieces! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 1 – an incredibly well-made chess roguelike that takes the best parts of chess and improves them with unique pieces and upgrades. There’s been a lot of good chess-likes lately, and I’m here for it!
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. Cool to see this played by someone who's actually good at it.

  2. Imagine a chess pro walks in on you watching this and get confused when he sees a rook move diagonally

  3. I get me thinking now
    Chess has various ways to be played
    So how could be chess + cards?

  4. Every video I watch makes me appreciate your editor more and more.

  5. There is no check or checkmate. Instead capture all oponents pieces except the king or capture the king.

  6. What’s the name of that game(i know it’s chess) but I’m asking what’s the name of that game still..

  7. 18:33 should we tell him the enemy was automatically in checkmate or no..?

  8. a rook plus the spiked shield being the bane of the final boss? thats hillarious

  9. Can't You do the rook + pawn / rook + bishop? (real life pieces)

  10. when i saw word ouroboros i thought that you gonna play geometry dash i didn't even look at anything else, and when i went in instead of ouroboros i saw ouroboros chess

  11. This was inevitable when chess went online. Our historical muses will become more complicated as technology marches forward.

  12. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  13. Now we need 5D Oroborous With multiversal timetravel

  14. 8:37 You could have won in 2 moves, take andromeda then the king.

  15. Someone made a chess thats an animal kingdom

  16. Its my first time watching a vid from this channel when i saw this vid i subbed

  17. Final match hype and quick sweep showcased a powerful deck!

  18. Had to come and take a look how this game's played, after watching Northernlion fall miserably 😂

  19. Wait this was released on my birthday.

  20. Can you imagine Oroboros King running on a “Battle Chess” engine?

  21. Finally, after 500 years of waiting, the game got an update!!

  22. 9:10 You missed a pin which would lead to victory after the king moves then you capture.

  23. No no. He moved vertically down twice and was moved there because of the portal's effect.
    He cant move diagonally

  24. From 2024 the fool does the same as the fool on Balatro

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