Checkmate Your Opponent With This Trick #Shorts

We’re back with another short chess lesson! In this video you’ll learn the
Blackburne Shilling Trap which can be used to checkmate your opponent if they’re not careful. It’s always good to have chess tricks up your sleeve!

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  1. Only time I’m greedy is against bots

  2. That black pawn: im built diffrent🍷🗿

  3. Everyone is talking about how low ELO your opponent has to be for this to work but im angry at the slightly darker black pawn

  4. this is such a specific situation, im 400 rated and even i know this is useless

  5. blackburne-shilling op 👍

  6. Bs gambit one of the funniest way to lose against a gambit

  7. this not check mate if bshop takes horse the black wueen needs to run if black king kills bshop white king will take :///

  8. If white blocks with their queen, dw just sacrifice your king

  9. You place the king and queen wrong

  10. Thanks to this, I was able to go from 1800 to 200 elo!

  11. white coulda jus taken blacks horse

  12. why would I move my rook over there when I could just keep it there and have the queen put me in check, and then I just take their queen

  13. "This is how to trick your friends into getting checkmated… First I got a gu-"

  14. The bad thing about this is you have to be gullible to fall for it and 2 its popular now even beginners might not fall for it

  15. There’s also a way more simple checkmate where you just need 3 moves with the knight

  16. White could have taken the knight with the knight but alright

  17. If this somehow works on someone fu***** give him / her a award for the stupidest person in the whole fu***** universe

  18. Alternatively, if they take the rook, you take too. The have to defend with the bishop. Take the pawn on e4 with your queen. They defend with the bishop again. Play d5, if they try to kick your queen with d3 do the horse check. Forced king move. Then mate with the queenside bishop

  19. POV your opponent used the queen to block: 😐

  20. So… The trick is "moving the opponent's pieces for them, but in a way that makes them get checkmated"

  21. but you can take with the bishop then take with the queen after queen takes back…

  22. bishop kills horse queen takes bishop queen takes queen there not check mate

  23. Some would prefer to take the Knight than the pawn

  24. Okay but what If my opponent doesn't play any of the usual moves because he has 102 elo

  25. white isn't greedy instead he's over 800+ rating get's the knight instead of the pawn 🗿

  26. Bro when the knight is there bishop can take the Knight like what????

  27. How to counter this with white? Just happened to me yesterday

  28. But… ChatGPT told me to go rook takes king?

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