Checkmate – Animated Short Film About a Chess Game

This film was made for an art installation as introduction for a reading about historic events. The end title reads: “Life is a game”

Idea: Marie Strübe
Cinematography & Animation: Kai Kostack
Music: Gustav Holst – The Planets, Op. 32 – I. Mars, the Bringer of War (CC PD)
Software: Blender


  1. I made a chees Animation "like this" too. Now i'm looking around how many bullshit is posted. This is one is great! I like it, good ideas and an inspiring camera setting.

  2. That pawn was like, ‘GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE, LAD!’

  3. If it had been checkers, then I could have followed. LOL Nice render…

  4. Is it possible to use some parts of the video as a background video during a performance?

  5. May I please use parts of this for a school documentary? The animation is spectacular!

  6. Hey bro that's such a great animation video you've got some mad talent!
    Can I use some part of this in my video? 😅

  7. Nice video I like , i want to use a clip of this video in a project to illustrate a caption, can I?

  8. Hey can I use 12 seconds of this video in my own? How would you like me to give you credit? 🙂 this video was very well made

  9. Can I use this in my forth coming video please!?

  10. Hola Podría usar 5 segundos de su videos soy profesor de ajedrez y quiero dar clases por internet, estoy haciendo un video para promocionar mi proyecto entonces quería saber si me lo permite y a quien atribuyo los créditos, de antemano gracias .

  11. Wow! Nice, may i use some of the part for my video? I will mention this channel.

  12. It is silly because kings don't get taken of the board …That is not possible . The king never dies, he just gets caught .. So the pawn throwing a fishing net over the king or something would have been a better idea

  13. I have played many chess games but I have never seen the king getting killed.

  14. Hello … excellent work, congratulations … I would like you to give me the authorization to use the first 15 seconds of the short film to make an intro that will be used on the new youtube channel of the Dominican international great master Ramon Mateo … waiting for an answer and grateful … Thank you very much

  15. Sir can i use 10 sec of clip for my video..? My video is about a music..plz sir this video is amazing😍

  16. Hey great animation :).

    I was wondering if I could use clips of this for a video I'm making and ofcourse credit you and link to your work.

    Let me know if possible 🙂

  17. Awesome animation… may I use this as background clip of my piano performance?

  18. Can I use this for my 7 year daughters video on how to play chess. I will give credit too.

  19. This is a stalemate, not checkmate! Right?

  20. This is so great! Can use this for an illustration about relationships for my ebook? I will definitely mention you for video credit and reference this channel! WOW! Stunning!

  21. Fantastic animation! Beautifully done! May I use part of this for my bands’s music video? I will give you direct credit (plus it is for personal use- not selling or monetizing it) Thanks!

  22. hola que bonito, puedo usar ese video, lo puedo descargar.

  23. My book says thers no bellive to this animation

  24. Can I use it for my physical education?. I assure that I will give you direct credit.🥺

  25. checkmate is not capturing a king, it's actually making the king unable to move.

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