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In this video of the Caro-Kann Defense series, IM Alex Astaneh is going to be covering the Classical Variation in the Caro-Kann Defense. After the initial moves 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5, white can either continue with the move 3.Nc3 or with 3.Nd2. After that, black will recapture on e4 with 3…dxe4. White takes on e4 with 4.Nxe4 and black has several options to continue:

0:40 4…Nd7, Karpov Variation
0:46 4…Nf6, Tartakower Variation / Bronstein Variation
1:15 4…Bf5, Classical Variation (Mainline)

The main focus of this video is on black’s response with 4…Bf5, the Classical Variation.

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  1. I am waiting for Alekhine defense😍

  2. Please make video on any thinking method in chess

  3. Do you plan on going over the other variations, like the advanced?

  4. Really liked this video. I'm in the middle of such game right now.

  5. Very well done video. Speaker is easy to understand and presents the reasoning behind each move very well. Really helped to understand the classical variation. Hope there are more videos on other variations as well.

  6. Awesome video, just request you to make another video on same topic but in more detail till 16-17 moves and clear the concepts accordingly as you did in this video.

  7. Can't see those white pieces on white squares. Great analysis. Need a set with higher contrast.

  8. Hi there!
    I'm new subscriber of Your channel…my compliments!
    Keep going & best regards

  9. Can you coach me the lessons on the book dvoretsky endgame manual

  10. Finally a channel that uses a real board

  11. I'm usually hesitant to play the classical line of Caro Kann because of h4 thrust, I usually play h5 but it creates too many weakness and threats, I'm going to try playing h6 from now on

  12. It is amazing how close the classical variation of caro-cann is to the scandinavian defence setup. I play them both against e4, but scandi leads to these type of lines more often, because white rarely plays this way against the caro, but very often they take very classical aproach against the scandi. The advance-theory seems to be more popular with caro-kann.

  13. Fantastic video, I learned a lot. It is very well explained.

  14. Great video I crush when I play this opening now

  15. Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to make a specific video about the Karpov variation, as there isn't much material about it available.

  16. Really usefull video for caro kann players I would request you to post another video in more detail till 15 to 17 moves which helps us a lot

  17. Alex, at 11:16, why not take the black queen with the knight and keep the ability to castle kingside?

  18. i believe the modern idea is h5 instead of h6, for more space control

  19. This is a great video. Really instructive, and delivered in a clear, concise way.

  20. Pls. Convert into a Digital Board computer. Your content is very useful if it in a Digital flatform

  21. Thanks so much for this video! It helps that you speak so clearly and calmly, keep it up!

  22. Caro kann is my main appetizer!

  23. Excellent teaching video. Is there a way I could play training games with caro kann. Thank you for any suggestions

  24. Hey there, great video once again, i just have a question about blacks light squere bishop. So we know why it is good and even better to develop it and exchange it if white will challange it, but what about fianchetto? Also in French def. is it bad idea to fianchetto this bishop if we know that it can be really passive sometimes?

  25. 10:57 If instead of c3-c4 black plays b3 threatening the queen it's neither exchanging pieces and also gaining space. How to dealt with it?

  26. Hi, I could not find the PGN you mentioned on your website (which is pretty nice!). Can you direct me where to find it? There is a PGN file but it only shows the moves yu played and not game between Magnus vs Leko is there for example. Thanks!

  27. Watching this series so I can finally break this defense as white, lol. I figure the Advance Variation might be my best bet. Thanks for the videos!

  28. Thank you IM Astaneh for delivering such an instructive and concise lecture. This to me sets the gold standard for how chess video lessons should be. Cheers from Brazil!

  29. The best Caro Can Video! Are pgn files available for free too?

  30. 3:08 at this point the explanation is not clear,because the c6 pawn falls

  31. Do you have any games / instruction against 1/e4..c6 2/d4..d5 3/Nf3..de4. 4/Ne4..Bf5 5/Ng3..Bg6. 6/ f4… followed by Nf3 I am looking at opening lines, but not a lot on it… I got destroyed recently playing against it…

  32. Why is it so important not to play …Kd7 after h4. After an …e3 we need to play …Kd7 sometime anyway…

  33. You are the best teacher i ever seen🎉

  34. Trying to learn deep the caro kann, you made it easier !

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