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In this video of the Caro-Kann Defense series, IM Alex Astaneh is going to be covering the Advance Variation in the Caro-Kann Defense. After the initial moves 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5, white advances his pawn by playing 3.e5 and we enter the Advance Variation of the Caro-Kann. Black typically responds with 3…Bf5 and from here, we will discuss several continuations and options for black after white’s fourth move:

2:55 4.h4, Tal Variation
7:40 4.Nc3, Van der Wiel Attack
16:56 4.Nf3, Short Variation

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  1. Another insightful video. A very relaxed and soothing voice; I nearly expect a meditation exercise any second!

  2. Thank you for the great content! It will definitely help me improve my caro-kann. Also, I gotta say you are quite easy for the eyes, which is a real bonus!

  3. Real pleasure to discover your channel and subscribed, that a perfect way to easily build a repertoire especially for a beginner like me, in fact, my English is bad but I can understand everything because the explanation is so clear! Thanks you so much for your work

  4. Tal variation is interesting and power to employ in !

  5. Nice concise and insightful overview. Easily digestible for my tiny brain. Cheers!

  6. I think it's impossible to watch this video and not start playing the caro kann instantly 🤠

  7. i play the caro khan on lichess @chessoptcs can you look at y losses and make some suggestions specifically against dabo500 also on lichess thank you

  8. What do you do against f4 (e4 c6 d4 d5 e5 c5 dxc5 kc6 f4) plz answer

  9. How do you guys manage to coordinate otb chess moves on 2D screen so smoothly??? What's the software or trick that getting used here??

  10. I thought Anthony Davis was playing chess but I was wrong.

  11. How do I access the PGN being referenced?

  12. Thank you for the thorough and easy-to-follow explanation!

  13. At 11.32 if the night takes on b7 won't it cause real issues for black?

  14. This is a fantastic introduction and cool recommendations! Thank you, Alex! 🙂

  15. You respond to e6 with Qd6 and take the pawn with your king if he takes. The game goes on and is equal with engine lines but very messy and hard to figure out in the center.

  16. 29:43 Be3. Stops c5. Indeed it looks like Be3 is a good idea in several places but it is not discussed in the video?
    Great video otherwise though!

  17. Great analysis. I transcribed it with some difficulty, but with a few rewinds it was not that hard. I would suggest listing the suggested moves and maybe some of the side lines in the description.

  18. can guys do tal variation in detail?

  19. Thanks very much for the instructive video. A very good job indeed.

  20. This has to be one of the best explained (if not THE best) and thorough chess theory videos I've watched! I like your use of an actual chess board to demonstrate, as well. Easier to follow and grasp, in my opinion. Pls add that to all videos (if not already done)!

  21. Thanks for this quality covering of the Advance variation 🙂

  22. caro kann advance with both 3 ….c5 and 3….. Bf5 is so fun to play with both colors

  23. Thank you very much Alex.I like your channel

  24. My rating went up from 1300 to 1500..thank you

  25. all i wanna say is that the Nc3 gambit pawn looks so dangerous

  26. As someone who takes too long in the opening (and is a relatively new and weaker player) this is all fantastic support. Thanks.

  27. can i ask, where can i find the pgn? nice video btw

  28. Why is it dangerous to play Ng8 at 11:34? You even take with check and black looses the right to castle?


  30. This treatment of the Advance is too advanced for me!

  31. I'm so scattered shot when it comes to chess openings, that I'm choosing this one and sticking to it to memorize and other Caro-Kann defense variations. In games, I know a little bit of the semi-slav and at least two variations. Now I will learn the Caro-Kann and surprise my opponents, since I'm a beginner and don't expect much folks to know it at that level.

  32. Dr. Ankit Meshram - Orthopaedic Surgeon says:

    00:50 3. e5 c5 (Botvinnik Carls Defence)

    Options in response to "3. e5 Bf5"
    02:54 4. h4 (Tal Variation)
    06:33 4. Nd2
    07:45 4. Nc3 (Van der Weil Attack)
    14:39 4. Bd3

    16:55 The Short Variation (Main Line of Advance CaroKann)

    Options in response to "4. Nf3 e6 5.Be2"
    17:40 5. Be2 c5 (not recommended)

    19:29 5. Be2 Nd7 (best continuation)

    Best Continuation
    5. Be2 Nd7 6. O-O h6 7.Nbd2 Ne7 8. Nb3 ::

    There are many options after "8. Nb3"
    but the recommended one is
    22:23 8. Nb3 g5 (crazy but solid move)

    You are welcome!

  33. Love your style! Any chance you have videos on the 3. c5 caro?

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