Carlsen vs Indian Teen AGAIN!!

Carlsen vs Indian Teen AGAIN – Round 6 of Qatar Masters. Aditya S Samant vs Magnus Carlsen, epic chess from Qatar!

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  1. What's the opinion on this random IM playing in TT, skipping the first game, and beating Alireza for 2nd place? Prob a bad forum for that conversation but sus

  2. This channel is so good at giving me my daily dose of world class chess. India seems to have a sea of runner up. Great chess!

  3. The teenager played well, but cracked under time pressure, Thanks.

  4. Not really squeezed, trying too hard lately with the clickbait titles.

  5. You named your channel perfectly. Your channel and analysis both are EPIC.

  6. The opening prep of these young IM and GM's is insane. He didn't use any time until Magnus played Kb6!

  7. Is there a interview with the Indian player, why he decided not to take the rook

  8. I am looking forward to your commentary of Qatar Masters games every day . Some really interesting games and educational commentary with long term positional ideas .

  9. The fact that Magnus is always trailing in time from the opening tells me he doesn’t prep much for these games

  10. With the rising number of Indian GMs, it's a matter of time and we will see an Indian world champion followed by Indians in the first 20 spots.

  11. This chess event should be called Magnus Vs India

  12. at the end they exchanged credit card numbers

  13. Now you are clickbaiting. I didn't expect that from you

  14. The influence of Anand has shifted the polarity of the chess world

  15. He could've possibly drawn that endgame if he took the rook right away smh

  16. Today also Magnus will play Indian

  17. Magnus takes people out of prep and into deep water. I think he really enjoys when he can do that and win on pure skill VS prep.

  18. These "kids" have to be good as their beloved President Mr. Tea Seller has provided millions of jobs for them in India, you see, so they gotta be too good to show everyone they don't only work 9-5, but can play international games too 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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