Can You Play Like a Grandmaster? Let’s See! Bobby Fischer’s Best Chess Games, Moves, Tactics, Ideas

Are You the Next Bobby Fischer? Let’s Find Out! In this video. we will look at some great games of Bobby Fischer & we will see what moves did he play in those positions. Let’s See if You Can Think Like a Grandmaster. You will learn some amazing chess tactics, strategies, ideas, tricks, traps & moves, that you can use to win more games against your friends & other players online. Games Covered include ones with Benko, Weinstein, Reshevsky, Reuben Fine & Barczay. I also have an interesting Chess Giveaway Puzzle organized by the Chess Universe Team. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Hello sir
    Black- Qf8
    White- Q×h7+
    Black- K×h7

    White- Be4#

  2. man I LOVE chess and u have taught me a lot

  3. Great chess video。And great,great moves。

  4. The answer is pawn g6 then black takes with pawn h7 then rook to h8# easy peasy

  5. Any other move than moving a1 r to c1 is not going to win. If wQ moves to h6 bQ moves to f8. What are you going to do? trade queens? give the game time to play out.

  6. sir i am not able to solve chess puzzles so what to do ….

  7. Solution-

    Move by white(then black, then white…)-

    Qh6 (threat of g7#): c1=Q+


    Kh2:Qf8(to prevent Qg7# in two moves)



    Variation 1

    Qf8 (for Qxh6)


    Variation 2

    (Some another waiting move)



  8. chess talk i love your videos i get more knowledge in chess from you

  9. Queen to g6 and pawn to g6 and rook to h8 and game over

  10. the move is Qh6 then c1=Q OR c1=R ANYWAYS IF HE PROMOTES TO ANY Rxc1 NOW Qf8 now we come up with a stunning move its Qxh7+ wow what a move now Kxh7 hxg6 Kxg6 and Be4 mate if he plays Qf6 too early Qxh7+ again and when Kxh7 hxg6 Kxg6 Be4 mate ok done no computers used

  11. I never tried any of these positions! Thanks for this video.

  12. I should notice more about my moves and positions.

  13. I honestly solved all of the chess problems and I have never seen a single one of them before. My Lichess ranking (tactics) is 2250. My rating in games is not as good, not at all. I never study chess, except for the last 2 days, as I found this amazing channel!! I learned chess 5 years ago. How do I improve? Please reply. Thanks!!!

  14. You can also play other kids on chesskid too!

  15. FunMasterMike will love too teach new kids!

  16. 1. Qh6 C1- Q+ 2. R*C1 R*C1 + 3. Kh2 ! Qf8 4. Q*h7 ! K*h7 5.h*g6+ K*g6 6 .Be4 # Please help me to track out how to get the reward of 500 Gems and 5000 coins

  17. Is there any link to get the reward of 500 💎 and 5000 coins

  18. Who is the winner of this giveaway contest sir

  19. Solution is queen to h6 threatening mate and queen to f8 saves it and we take the pawn on h7 with our queen and king has to take it . Then we take the pawn on g6 it's a double check the king has only one square that is to take our pawn then bishop to e4 is mate
    By the way nice video make more

  20. Qh6 Qf8 Qxh7# if he didn't move Qf8 there is a checkmate Qg7

  21. Moral of the story: never play black with Bobby Fisher

  22. wow sir i have downloaded chess universe and its one of my favorite apps now.

  23. The first variation pawn takes pawn on g6 if h7 pawn takes the pawn on g6 then rook h8 is a beautiful checkmate

  24. H5 takes g6 H7 takes g6 Rh8 is mate

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