Can I Beat These 2 Sisters at Chess for $1,000?

The Playing field is levelled. 2 Wins for Zach, 0 Wins for Team Botez.
Will I bring home a third win in this first to 3 for $1,000? FINAL PART.

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  2. Great video! You should probably change the title, tho, from “these sisters” to “the botez sisters”. It’ll garner more views 👍

  3. This boy looks so innocent and pure. May God protect him from all evil.

  4. Man I remember when you were at 20k. Now you playing, and beating, the Botez? Fr your channel has grown a lot. great job as always

  5. I am 2700 hundred rating and I beat Andrea before

  6. You may be to modest to do it, but changing the Title to „the Botez sisters“ will get you a ton of views and subs. It speaks for you that you haven’t done it yet, but your content needs to be seen by more people, so I think you should go ahead and do it. Did you get the 1000$ though?

  7. This actually really helped me to see both sides of the board 😂

  8. Lol that Mario kart on the beach 🎶 ⛱️

  9. The prettier the Botez, the worse at chess

  10. To have a fighting chance, Alex should keep Andrea out of the next matchup

  11. The opening music, what is that? Is that Mario Kart?

  12. Hi Zach! First time I dropped a comment in a while. Hope you have a good day

  13. Bro 2 brains vs 1 brain thats unfair☠️☠️☠️

  14. How do they both get to play how is that fair 😂

  15. -these 2 sisters are two of the most popular chess streamers in the world. dude, why fuck yourself in the algorithm?

  16. Zach just casually beating the Botez Sisters

  17. Change the titles to Botez Sisters or sis. It garantee more views

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