Can I Beat A Chess Master With No Queen?

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#ludwig #chess #brosvspros


  1. I need a redo of this video now that stanz is good at chess. Replace Atrioc with NIcolas from the Yarb if needed

  2. I don't like your raspy voice. Sounds like you should clear your throat dude

  3. 8:50 Ludwig: “Wait, when did his bishop get there?!?”
    Me: “He double Fianchetto’d you. You literally said it out loud. It was like his second move.”

  4. 9:08 White is now getting mated in the next move lol

  5. I'm rated 120 in 10 blitz and beat LudBot…

  6. Did Levy miss a mate in 1 at 9:00, if he moved the room back, there was a discovered check from the bishop and it's mate. Am I wrong?

  7. Did levi miss a free Queen? 9:04 then he could've moved up to g3 and lud was checked so he couldn't take the rook? Right

  8. Playing the true England opening I see

  9. Wonder where atriocs going after the game

  10. When I clicked on the video I thought lud was going to win without a queen 🤣

  11. 15:24 someone in Levy's chat said "uh oh those pawns are sus" and idk wtf that meant

  12. Gotham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi

  13. maybe next time make him remove his king, perhaps you'll then have a better chance of winning

  14. I'm rated 271 and I beat Ludwig's bot 😂

  15. I once played a 2300 with queen ods as a 1200 and i gotta say it was very tough and we played 5 games and i won 3 to 2. It was fun not gonna lie.

  16. I think I’m responsible for half of this video’s views 😂

  17. Listening to your voice makes my throat hurt

  18. bro im watching this 2 years later and at 17:34 you hear Driftveil City from Pokemon: Black & White and now I can't listen to it without imagining toothless dancing… save me

  19. was i the only one yelling at my scream because ludwig had mate for like four moves

  20. Well done gotham chess for winning 🏆🌟⭐️💫✨⚡️☄️💥🔥🎖️🏅🥇♟️

  21. I like beating Ludwig ai in chess given I'm 14 years old I beat adults

  22. atriac you suck just give up the pawn cause the corner is opposite color of bishop

  23. Sniper get down, hairline, voice cracks, YOUNG LUD love you keep up the vids why tf am I watching this one?

  24. He doesn't have a GM title doesn't implies that these kids can defeat him💀

  25. Any body else see that lud had mate in game 1 if he had queen takes rook check

  26. crazy to see levy go from 500k to nearly 5 mil in 3 years, thats a big increase

  27. why are they so fucking dumb

  28. The amount of people saying Qf1 in ludwigs game when he was under constant checks is appalling

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