Can 3 Guys Beat A Blindfolded Chess Master?

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#ludwig #brosvspros #gothamchess


  1. He should put "beat in chess" in title I thought they are gonna beat Levi irl

  2. Atrioc when he has 1 legal move and is on the verge of getting mated:"I WOULD LIKE TO ANALYZE ALL MY POSITIONS, LEVY!"

  3. good video man. crazy to see the money side of this stuff. really cool

  4. Who has watched this video 2 trillion times

  5. Everyone just decided to watch levy play cuz hes interesting

  6. Atleast now I can properly backseat levy when it comes to puzzles because I’m 4000 rated in puzzles and he isn’t.

  7. I thought Ludwig and a couple other people were going to blindfold and kidnap/beat up a middle aged man

  8. the 3 frat bullys who say that their better then the lonely nerd at chess

  9. aw shit this is the hard part had me dead

  10. "you could play queen to-"
    "queen to-"
    "yeah queen to-"

  11. I love how the misclick confusing Levi was the best psych move he could full off all game lol

  12. It's superfun makes content like this again dudes 😁

  13. Alternative title: Can Levi take on 3 men blindfolded?

  14. Guys need to cheat against a blindfolded player 💀

  15. i saw someone in levi’s chat saying “im here for lucy not youre bullshit levi”

  16. cotham chess is clearly looking at a tablet below him

  17. You know you're below 1k elo if you lose to a blind folded gm while playing with 2 other guys giving ideas

  18. Kasparov would still beat all of these guys… and I'm not talking about chess.

  19. Ludwig and Atrioc were fucking cheating. Listening to the moves that blindfolded Levy wanted to play on the stream, reading the chat warning about blunders… Very immature and dishonorable.

  20. gotham really thinks hes beth harmon💀

  21. Chess is mental warfare has never been truer 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Also how is Levy such an Apex Savage???

  22. is there a recording of levy’s stream?

  23. the draw requests were pathetic af

  24. anyone notice how levys second move he says "knight f6, so kings knight" then when it flips back to lud and bros it shows a pawn move instead and THEN the queens knight moves to c6… confused the fuck outta me and i cant find anyone else talking about it

    Edit just realized its switching between three boards and he's playing all three of them at once. Fucking crazy.

  25. “Let’s pray that the international chess master make a mistake while being blindfolded and playing against 3 other dude at the same times.”

  26. No offense but Levi's gf looks like his Mom somehow ..I mean Older 😂😂

  27. Bruh r we just gonna Ignore how Levi's fist bump got ignored by Lucy ???😂😂😂😂

  28. I absolutely love it How Levi's gf is shocked How Levi restated all the moves from the entire game when he couldn't find the fucking pawn lol

  29. 15:54 levi be cool but on the orther side its dramatic 😂😂😂

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